Celebrating Mathematics: Xu Chenyang wins Rananujan Prize

NOV . 11 2016

A prize ceremony, a lecture and a movie: what better way to celebrate a day named after one of mathematics' most spectacular practitioners, Srinivasa Ramanujan?

On Friday 4 November, ICTP did just that. The festivities began at 11:00 with the Centre's annual Ramanujan Prize ceremony, honoring this year's award recipient, Chenyang Xu of the International Center of Mathematical Research, Beijing, China. Xu delivered his Ramanujan lecture on "Classification of Algebraic Varieties".

At 16:00, the festivities continued with a public lecture by Ken Ono, a professor of mathematics at Emory University, Atlanta, USA. His talk was titled "Gems of Ramanujan and their Lasting Impact on Mathematics". Ono is an associate producer and the mathematical consultant for the movie based on the life of Ramanujan titled "The Man Who Knew Infinity". That movie was shown immediately following his lecture at 17:00.

Photos from both events are available on ICTP's Flickr page.

All activities took place in ICTP's Budinich Lecture Hall.

For those who could not be there in person, ICTP streamed the Ramanujan Prize ceremony and the talk by Ken Ono at the following links: