Commencement Days 2013

JUL . 12 2013

Peking University, July 11, 2013: It is a bitter sweet farewell, it is a life-long memorable departure, it is the most special day composing smiles and tears in the summer of the year—it is the setting sail of a fully new generation, it is the commencement day of 2013.


Thousands of students congregated in the Stadium of Peking University for their commencement. Ceremonies for undergraduate and graduate students of Class of 2013 were held on July 9 and 10 respectively.


There are 3159 undergraduates being awarded bachelor's degrees. 5699 received master’s degrees and 1609 received Doctor’s from Peking University this summer.


115 alumni, who graduated from this university over 30 years ago, were invited to the commencement as a commemoration for the 115thanniversary of the founding of the University.


975 students were granted the title “Top Graduates of Peking University 2013”, and 478 were recommended as “Top Graduates of Higher Education in Beijing 2013”. Many of them chose to go to West China after the graduation to contribute to the development of underdeveloped regions.


Student and faculty representatives addressed at the commencement.


PKU President Wang Enge, spoke at the commencement and extended respects and greetings to parents, families and friends of the graduates, who had supported them during their study at Peking University. He shared his understanding of “Peking University” and “Dreams” with all graduates. “Peking University” is the place where “Dreams” grow, and “Dreams” are the forces that make people happy in persistence. Graduates from Beida should always hold on to their “Dreams” and carry them forward.


“Endeavor, persistence and devotion are three major periods of life, which are also three different levels of life,” said President Wang, “only a youth that consists of all three above can leave behind something meaningful, warm, eternal and regretless.”





Professor Zhu Shanlu, Chairman of PKU Council, announcing the awarding list


Professor Wu Zhipan, Executive Vice President, announcing the doctor's and master's receivers list


Professor Chen Shiyi, Dean of Graduate School, announcing the "Peking University Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation" list


Professor Wang Jisi, Dean of School of International Studies, speaking on behalf of faculty


Professor Liu Yucun, Director of Peking University First Hospital, speaking on behalf of advisors


Luo Yifeng speaking on behalf of alumni


Liu Yuanchao, speaking on behalf of graduates


President Wang Enge addressing in the commencement







Turning of the tassel


Written by: Guo Caichen

Edited by: Zhang Jiang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)