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MAY . 07 2013

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Beida Bulletin (formerly named Peking University News Bulletin) Vol. 2, No. 1 released on April 26, 2013. Selected news, events, and updates from PKU (Beida), China's top higher education institution.



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Beida Bulletin

(Vol. 2, No. 2)

Anniversary Special



May 4, 2013

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Top Stories

Homecoming day

Beida welcomed back alumni from around the world at the Homecoming Day, coinciding with the university's 115th anniversary celebration.  


And the word has been with Beida

An insight into English abbreviation of Peking University's names since 1898.


About Beida: 1936-1997

Official English introduction to Beida, 1936-1997. (Courtesy of the Beida Archives)


Yenching University 1921: A "Peking" perspective

An official English brochure of Yanjing Daxue (later renamed Yenching University) in 1921 titled "Peking University."  


[Video] Centennial celebration gala: A review

Video clips from Peking University's centennial celebration gala in May 1998. (Source: CCTV) .


>> Yan Yuan love: Home of spirit  









Beida Today in History

Beida Today in History - a daily column featuring historic events regarding PKU and PKUers.



Anniversary Day: Questions and the answer

Dec. 17, May 4, or any other day? - A review of Anniversary Days of Peking University through its 115 years' history.


"In the beginning was the word"

English names of Peking University since 1898.


W. A. P. Martin: Inaugural president of the Imperial University of Peking

An American missionary and senior scholar in China studies, Ding Weiliang (W. A. P. Martin) served as zong-jiaoxi (general educator or President) of the imperial university.


Cai Yuanpei interprets the PKU Banner

Excerpts of then President Cai Yuanpei's interpretation of the meaning and significance of the PKU Banner in 1920.











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