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APR . 26 2013

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Beida Bulletin (formerly named Peking University News Bulletin) Vol. 2, No. 1 released on April 26, 2013. Selected news, events, and updates from PKU (Beida), China's top higher education institution.



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Beida Bulletin

(Vol. 2, No. 1)


April 26, 2013


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Top Stories

Facing natural calamities, Beida people in action

"Beida will be your staunch supporter," said university council Chairman Zhu Shanlu to the Beida relief team. Within the first 24h after the M-7.0 quake, Peking University Third Hosptital took the lead to provide emergency medical aid in Ya'an.


Wang Enge appointed Beida president

Wang Enge, PhD '90, a prestigious physicist, was appointed Peking University president on March 22, succeeding outgoing Zhou Qifeng.



[Multimedia] President Zhou and Beida: 2008-2013

With Beida people, President Zhou Qifeng experienced countless moments in his 5-year term. "The university will continue stepping forward," he blessed and dreamed as one of them.




Feature: Beida faces, voices at Lianghui 2013

A featured column on Beida people at Lianghui (annual sessions of NPC and CPPCC).

Newly-elected state leaders:

Li Keqiang, 

Li Yuanchao

Beida academicians at Lianghui:

Zhou Qifeng, Han Qide

Beida economists at Lianghui:

Li Yining, Justin Lin Yifu



Lu Hao: From student gov't head to governor

46-year-old Lu, a Beida student leader in the late 1980s, has now become China's youngest provincial head.




New Zealand PM: Education an "important way" to grow awareness, understanding

Visiting Prime Minister John Key spoke highly of the China-NZ comprehensive ties, vowing to assist China "in its education reform and development plans."



Thai Princess hopes bilateral educational link in "wider areas"

"I am concerned about how to expand the two country's educational connection from language study to wider areas including chemistry, agriculture, and history," said Thai Princess Sirindhorn when meeting Beida students.





"Beida News" - Your link to Peking University (Beida).






Editorial: A monumental next five years

The vitality of Beida over the past century of twists and turns lies in the respect of individual dreams of each and all Beida people, and in Beida's backing of the realization of their dreams by providing both resources and a free space.

>>  In search of the Beida dream


Campus & Community

"Good good study, day day 'up'!"

The newly initiated Getting-up Club fights against morning laziness, which has long pervaded the campus.


Taipa flavor undamped at Beida

"How about some egg tarts?" As part of the Macao Culture Festival at Beida, the Macao Food Gala promoted traditions of the multicultural city 2,200 km away, facilitating its communication with the mainland.


A battle against leftovers

"Clean up your plates, please!" A one-week campaign was unfolding in refectories at Beida to cut food wastes.


Sci & Tech

London, Los Angeles, Beijing: Reflections on smoggy weather

As member of the US National Academy of Engineering engaged in the study of air pollution since 1968, Professor Hoffmann shared his insights about global air conditions with the Beida audience. 


Xu Guangxian: "Big chemistry" and the new S&T Revolution

The Beida guru of chemistry elaborated his view on the "6th Scientific and Technological Revolution" on China Science Daily. Xu also expressed opposition to chemistry's absence in Gaokao reform.


Culture & Society

Beida performance info (April & May 2013

Basic information of upcoming performances on campus.


Continuing education: serving the society

"The role of continuing education is to be part of the Beida process to build a world-class university and to serve the society," said the dean of the newly launched Beida School of Continuing Education.


Xu Zhihong: University rankings "misleading"

"Ranking is just like a sword erected at the neck of university presidents. Young candidates will be easily misled if they made a choice according to popular university rankings in society," said the former Beida president.



[Video] Beckholic at Beida

"It's about 15 hours I waited in line for the ticket and the seat. It's about 15 years I have been your diehard fan. May I have your 15 seconds for just one signature?" A Beida sophomore held an iPad with these words, waiting for the 37-year-old British soccer star.


Aerobics, artistic gymnastics for physical health

Vice President Liu Wei called for Beida's further promotion and popularization of aerobics and artistic gymnastics.










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