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JUN . 19 2012

Peking University, June 19, 2012: Titled “Light and Shadow of the Past”, a photo exhibition is being held at Peking University (PKU) Library from June 13 to July 18 as part of this year’s graduation.


34 pieces, picked out from the mass photography taken by the Youth Amateurs’ Society of Photography at PKU, showed the Yanyuan Campus in a full range of aspects from natural creatures to the cultural atmosphere.



A post of the exhibition (Photo by Yin Fan, designed by Zhang Nan)


Boya Tower and Weiming Lake (Photo by Wang Yulu)


Dream of PKU No.2 (Photo by Shen Chen)


Spring is Coming Again (Photo by Zhang Hui)


Emotions in a Book (Photo by: Wu Shuying)


A Song of Departure (Photo by: Yin Fan)


Written by: Arthars

Source: PKU News (Chinese)