Visual history of the centurial School of Economics

MAY . 26 2012

Peking University, May 26, 2012: Peking University (PKU) was a forerunner in the field of economics in China. Dating back to the Business Division of the former Imperial University in 1902, it introduced both Marxism economics and modern western economics to Chinese for the first time.


In 1912, President Yan Fu formally established the Department of Economics, which was upgraded to the School of Economics in 1985.


In the centurial history of the school, there have been so many memorable moments recorded by the camera.


Graduates of the former Business Division at PKU (1919)


Members of the Economic Association at PKU (1931)


Group photo of the former Department of Economics (1934)


Economic and Business Professors from the former National Southwest Associated University (NSAU) (1945)


The NSAU Economic graduates’ parting ceremony (1946)


The 50th anniversary of the National Peking University (1948)


Graduation picture of the former Department of Economics (1950)


Prof. Chen Daisun and other Economic instructors (1954)


Graduates of the former Department of Economics (1962)


Graduation of the Economics Class of 1977 (1981)


The 1981 Class of Political Economics (1982)


Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin shakes hands with Prof. Zhao Jing (1990s)


Prof. Zhang Youren, Prof. Sho-chieh Tsiang, and Prof. Justin Yifu Lin (May 9, 1992)


The staff of the School of Economics (April 1998)


Prof. Janos Kornai (right) visits the School of Economics. (1999)


The Cornerstone Ceremony of the School’s New Building (2007)


Prof. Li Qingyun (left) appointed as Counselor of China's State Council by Premier Wen Jiabao (2009)


PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu and Dean Sun Qixiang (2011)


Dean Sun Qixiang presides the lecture of Bill Gates (Nov. 20, 2011)


The Economic Panel of Beijing Forum (2011)


Written by: Arthars

Source: PKU News (Chinese)