PKU researchers depicts Pan-Cancer Single-Cell Landscape of Tumor-Infiltrating T Cells

DEC . 30 2021
Peking University, December 30, 2021: A joint study by two groups of researchers at Peking University revealed for the first time the “pan-cancer single-cell landscape of tumor-infiltrating T cells”. The study analyzed tumor-infiltrating T cells from patients of 21 cancer types by means of scRNA-seq. Combining gene expression profiles and T cell receptor sequences, it investigated the heterogeneity and dynamics of tumor-infiltrating T cells and systematically compared T cells among cancer types. The study also provided a T cell composition-based immune-typing scheme which might inform targeted therapy. The research (DOI:10.1126/science.abe6474) was published December 17 on Science.

Figure 1: Research framework and main findings of T cell atlas

The two groups involved in the study were the one led by Prof. Ji Jiafu at Peking University Cancer Hospital and Institute and the one led by Prof. Zhang Zemin at BIOPIC, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics, Peking University School of Life Sciences.
Prof. Ji is an academic pacesetter in gastric cancer surgery and translational research in China, who has made pioneering contributions in modular surgery, minimally invasive surgery and perioperative management for gastric cancer treatment. He has been a strong advocate in recent years for interdisciplinarity and precision medicine in the field. The joint research with Prof. Zhang’s group depicted the tumor microenvironment of multiple cancer types, which might give some clues about potential targets specific for drug development.

Written by: Fan Xiaofei
Edited by: Ye Yimeng
Source: Peking University Cancer Hospital and Institute