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What Do Students Have to Say to Olympic Winter Games 2022?

DEC . 20 2021
Peking University, December 20, 2021: The Olympic Winter Games 2022 will begin in Beijing within 2 months. Students from PKU School of Journalism and Communication conducted a street interview on campus, asking fellow students from both Peking University and Tsinghua University about their favorite Winter Olympic sports/athletes and feelings towards the Olympics, and created their version of the games' theme song. Let's sing along!

Production Background

On October 26 this year, as a group of students from the PKU School of Journalism and Communication (PKUSJC) was going to set the theme for the video, an exhibition to celebrate the 100-day countdown to the Winter Olympics was concurrently in the Centennial Lecture Hall by PKU's Youth League Committee and many volunteers took pictures in front of the exhibition board. Inspired by the volunteers' overflowing enthusiasm, the group felt that PKU students have been resonating with the pulse of national construction and social development, being the trendsetters of the times. As students of PKUSJC, they also wanted to offer their blessings to the Winter Olympics, thus deciding to shoot under the theme of the Winter Olympics.

Introduction to the Team

The video shoot was supervised by Professor He Shu, who gave the team valuable advice on topic selection, filming and post-production. Meanwhile, four members of the team – Peng Chengzhi, Chen Qian, Li Lv and Wu Jiani, worked together to complete the parts from video idea to video shooting (including video editing).

They also invited PKUSJC freshman Clea Jin (South Korea) as well as international students from Tsinghua – Light January Li (Canada), Thouvenin Katherin (France), Kravchenko Kristina (Russia), JiaYi Larissa (Brazil) to participate in this filming, responsible for being featured for the interview and singing in the video.

Additionally, Cai Dian from Communication University of China also helped with the filming.

Reason behind the Theme

From 2008 to 2022, from Beijing to Beijing, the five Olympic rings have witnessed the realisation of the dream of the five continents. As university students, it is a great honor in itself to express the blessings and visions for the Winter Olympics in the form of video production.

In the post-epidemic era, they, as journalism and communication students, think about the resonance of young people's destiny with their country from the perspective of international communication, and want to use more cross-cultural voices to convey young people's aspirations for unity and friendship. Telling the world the real story of China and deliver the real voice of China!

Messages to the Audience

From the theme of "Together for a Shared Future", they invited international students from different countries to sing the song of the Winter Olympics and send their expectations and wishes for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in many languages. Through this warm winter song, they hope to let all those who are interested in the Beijing Winter Olympics at home and abroad feel the power of unity across countries and races conveyed by sports, and from the perspective of international students, feel the dedication of China in preparing for the Winter Olympics and the friendliness of the Chinese. The video was filmed at Peking University, whose traditional spirit of "inclusiveness" has also injected more history and youthful energy into the video.

Writer: Vissly Chan Shun Ling
Editor: Pu Hairui
Supervisor: He Shu
Designer: Lean Zhi Xuan