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PKU International Student Shares His "China Surprise"

DEC . 17 2021
Peking University, Decemeber 17, 2021: Mahedi Hassan Sunny, a Bengali undergraduate at Yuanpei College of Peking University, was one of the international students who wrote a letter to President Xi in light of the CPC's 100th anniversary. Having been a long-time resident in China, here Sunny shares what surprised him during his stay.

Surprises abound in China

Sunny has been in China for more than four years. As a foreign student studying in China, his goal is to gain a better understanding of Chinese culture, people, and the country as a whole. Before coming to China, his main source of information on China was international media, which could sometimes be misleading. Yearning for a more in-depth perspective, Sunny has travelled across China in the past four years to experience China as it truly is, and tell a more genuine Chinese story.

Life in China was full of surprises. Sunny has been amazed by the modern facilities and amenities in China, including mechanisms for convenient cash-free payment, skyscrapers abound, and clean stretches of roads. Beijing, in his opinion, fares better than "most of the developed cities in the world in several aspects" such as transportation infrastructure.

China didn't just present the goods of economic development; it also welcomed Sunny to a pleasant life. Sunny has lived in Tianjin for a while before moving to Beijing. "As Tianjin is my first city in China, the good time I spent there will always have a special place in my mind." He said.

Field studies in rural areas of Jiangxi Province

Sunny believes that the countryside is the most fundamental component of a country's structure and that the living conditions of rural people reflect a country's overall well-being. Therefore, no matter where he visits in China, he always pays special attention to rural areas and the livelihood of the local villagers.

Sunny has recently completed a field study on the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in Jiangxi Province. At the province, he visited three villages and talked with the local people to get more insight into their careers and living conditions. He has learnt that under the Communist Party of China's (CPC) leadership, the living standards of the people have improved in recent years.

Sunny was also amazed by the efficient and people-centred local authorities. “The local leaders are always willing to help the people out in their community. If I have a chance, I will implement this learning in my country.”

A letter beyond imagination

President Xi's reply to his letter came as the most recent surprise. Sunny, along with other international students at PKU, wrote a letter to President Xi in April to send their best wishes ahead of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. Sunny did not expect to receive a personal reply from President Xi. In his reply, President Xi encouraged the international students at Peking University to learn more about the real China, share their thoughts and experiences with more people, and play an active role in promoting friendship between peoples of all countries.

President Xi referenced an old Chinese saying in his letter that Sunny couldn't agree with more: "Seeing is believing." Sunny believes that one can experience and understand China in all its authenticity if he travels across China and sees for himself. In his remaining time in China, Sunny expects to travel to more places, widen his horizons, and seek out the unexpected.

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Writer: Ye Yimeng
Editor: Li Wanqi, Pu Hairui
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