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Architects of Future: The Story of Pekinger Ou Deyun

NOV . 25 2021
Peking University, November 25: Ou Deyun, a finance post-graduate student at Peking University's National School of Development, raised funds for the medical supplies in Wuhan with his major skill fully used during the outbreak of COVID-19. In this interview, he talked about his life as a CPC member and his goal to contribute to China's economic growth.

Ou Deyun at PKU

A young CPC member with compassion

As a young member of the Communist Party of China, Ou has a strong sense of compassion in his academic studies. When conducting a research on "street vendor economy" (地摊经济调查), he visited small businesses and vendors to see how they operated and how their businesses were doing. He sympathized those in need.

Ou told his girlfriend that he feels sympathy for street vendors and those in need.

He thought joining the CPC is like a cardiac stimulant. It helps him move forward when he feels hesitant. The role of a CPC member always reminds him to be a good man with sympathy.

Ou Deyun in study group meeting

Raising funds during COVID-19

During the early days of the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei Province was hard hit and under lockdown, and local hospitals there were extremely short of medical supplies. One of Ou’s high school schoolmates asked him whether he could pass on the medical supplies bought overseas to frontline hospitals. As a CPC member, Ou not just immediately made a promise to her, but also launched a fundraising program to directly purchase medical supplies in large quantities and made donations.

As a finance post-graduate student, Ou fully used his professional skills and knowledge during the whole process. He consulted other schoolmates to coordinate, collect information and help deliver the supplies. With more and more alumni coming together to support the program, the ordinating team became bigger and bigger.

With their joint effort, it took them only three weeks to go through legal process and meet regulation requirements. Eventually, they collected 1.5 million yuan for the purchase of face masks, protective clothing and disinfectants. Most of the medical supplies were donated to Guangdong Province medical teams dispatched to Wuhan for assistance and local hospitals in Wuhan.

"I may not have been in a key figure in the whole fundraising process, but I still made my contribution as a CPC member. " Ou recalled later.

Strong sense of patriotism

"PKU is one of the first CPC bases, so the professors, teachers and students here have a strong sense of patriotism. I hope I can follow the steps and will of the Party and the people and contribute to society." Said Ou.

Writer: Chen Chuyun
Editor: Ye Yimeng, Amanda Hu
Source: CGTN, PKU National School of Development (Chinese)