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Torch in My Heart - Three Generations of Sacrifice and Devotion

OCT . 15 2021
Peking University, October 16, 2021: In 1950, Dr. Qin Jisheng was admitted to the Medical School of Peking University. After graduation, she proceeded to Inner Mongolia (Autonomous Region) in a response to the call of the Communist Party of China to assist the country's frontier areas. From there began the journey of Dr. Qin Jisheng, her daughter Dr. Liao Qinping, and her granddaughter Dr. Lv Tao.

Although life in Inner Mongolia was very hard at the time, Dr. Qin Jisheng stayed there for 30 straight years. When she retired, the local maternal mortality rate had dropped to one-seventeenth of the figure of the 1950s. She was granted the country's highest award in gynecology and obstetrics - Outstanding Gyneocologists and Obstetricians: Lin Qiaozhi Cup.

For Dr. Liao Qinping, who grew up in Inner Mongolia with her mother Dr. Qin Jisheng, she chose to follow in her mother's footsteps and became a busy obstetrician and gynecologist herself.

While performing her internship, Dr. Liao Qinping witnessed a young woman's dreadful suffering and death caused by an incurable malignant tumor. After that, she made up her mind to conquer malignant gynecological tumors in patients. Choosing to also volunteer to work in a medical team in Qinghai Province, Dr. Liao Qinping was not only a doctor but also a sister, nanny and accountant to the women living in the border area.

In the end, she was also granted the highest national award in gynecology and obstetrics for her contributions to the treatment of gynecologic tumors.

Like her grandmother and mother, Dr. Lv Tao is currently also an obstetrician and gynecologist who enrolled in Peking University Health Science Center in 2001. Her focus of research is on common problems affecting women's lives such as urinary incontinence.

Following the path that her grandmother and mother took decades ago, she has also volunteered to work in a remote area - Tibet Autonomous Region.

In the 1950s, Dr. Qin Jisheng strived to save the lives of pregnant women and their babies in the frontier area. In the 1990s, Dr. Liao Qinping strived to save the lives of patients with malignant gynecological tumors with meticulous research. And in the 2020s, Dr. Lv Tao is currently hard at work helping Chinese women to live better. This is the story of their family - three generations of obstetricians and gynecologists who selflessly chose to devote themselves to their cause.

Writer:Estella Qiming Zhang
Editor: Amanda Hu, Pu Hairui
Photo: Peking University Health Science Center
Designer:Chin Xiao Yun Pauline
Source:China News Service