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Peking University holds press conference for the Third World Congress on Marxism

JUN . 29 2021
Peking University, June 28: Peking University recently hosted a press conference for the Third World Congress on Marxism. Dean of PKU School of Marxism Yang Haifeng, Associate Dean Yu Wenli, and Research Fellow Song Chaolong attended the conference and presented the attendees with key information about the Congress. The press conference was attended by a breadth of mainstream media outlet reporters, including those from People's Daily, Guangming Daily, China Education News, and The Paper.

At the press conference

The Third World Congress on Marxism is scheduled to be held in Peking University from July 17 to July 18 in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The Congress also serves as an opportunity to bring scholars together to thoroughly study the spirit of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s series of speeches regarding the development of a system of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics, along with the development of a stronger international voice for China.

Yang Haifeng

Professor Yang said Peking University is the birthplace of Chinese Marxism and Marxist theoretical education in China. Peking University’s School of Marxism, founded in 1992, is China’s first Marxist institution. The School is committed to innovation and forging ahead in scientific research, personnel development, social services, education and teaching, international exchanges and cooperation, along with cultural inheritance and innovation.

Professor Yang said the Third World Congress on Marxism, with the theme “Marxism and Modernization”, will host three panel discussions and eight parallel sessions that serve as important academic platforms for expanding international academic exchanges, strengthening academic collaboration and disseminating Chinese perspectives. He further anticipates that the Congress will be a complete success with the combined support of domestic and international experts, schools, their relevant departments, and mainstream media.

International scholars from different universities, including Professor David Kotz of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Professor Sean Sayers of Canterbury Christ Church University and Professor Aleksandr Buzgalin of Moscow State University, recorded videos for the press conference. They reflected on the wonderful impressions left by the previous two Congresses, expressed gratitude to Peking University for its contribution to global Marxist theoretical research. With regard to the upcoming Congress, they expressed anticipation about the prospect of exchanging ideas and engaging in dialogue with experts and scholars from around the world.

On June 21, President Xi Jinping replied to a letter from international students at Peking University. He encouraged them to gain a deeper understanding of China as it really is, urging them to share their thoughts and experiences with more people and play an active role in promoting friendship between the peoples of all countries. The Third World Congress of Marxism, set to take place in July, exemplifies Peking University’s commitment and efforts towards facilitating and promoting friendly exchanges between people of all countries.

Written by: June Tan Rui Min
Edited by: Christopher Mahoney, Huang Weijian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)