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Peking University People’s Hospital receives S&T Awards for Maternal and Child Health

DEC . 30 2021
Peking University, December 30, 2021: Peking University People’s Hospital (PKUPH) won multiple prizes in the 4th Maternal and Child Health Science and Technology Award hosted by the Association for Maternal and Child Health Studies. In particular, Prof. Wang Jianliu, vice president of the PKUPH and chief of the OBGYN department, is one of the three winners of the Outstanding Contribution Award, for his expertise in gynecological tumor, pelvic floor diseases and fertility restoration, as well as his long-term efforts in promoting new techniques and approaches.

In addition, Prof. Wei Lihui’s group was awarded the second prize of natural sciences for research on the clinical strategy for the treatment of the combination of pregnancy and cervical cancer; Prof. Pei Qiuyan’s group and Prof. Yang Xin’s group received the second and third prizes of S&T outcome respectively for the construction and clinical application of the database of the anatomical ultra-thin cross-sectional images of fetal congenital heart malformation and for the management of female reproductive cycle after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Written by:
Fan Xiaofei
Edited by: Ye Yimeng
Source: Peking University People’s Hospital