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President Hao Ping attends the launching ceremony of International Chinese Language Education

DEC . 22 2021
Peking University, December 22, 2021: On the morning of December 12, the launching ceremony of International Chinese Language Education Week (ICLEW) 2021 entitled “Closer Partnership, Better Future” took place in Wutong Assembly Hall in Beijing Language and Culture University. ICLEW was launched by Center for Language Education and Cooperation to promote high-quality international Chinese language education and better serve Chinese language learners around the world. The ICLEW 2021 will last from December 11 to 20, with around 40 great activities both online and offline promoting a high-quality, sustainable Chinese language education.

Hao Ping delivering the speech

Hao Ping, president of Peking University, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Hao Ping congratulated on the launch of the International Chinese Language Education Week 2021. He pointed out that Peking University, as one of the first universities to carry out international Chinese language education and the training of international students, has always attached great importance to the cause of international Chinese language education. In recent years, Peking University has been actively promoting the construction of Confucius Institutes and MOOCs for Chinese language teaching, encouraging international students to feel and understand China personally. Peking University has made positive progress in talent cultivation, discipline construction, textbook compilation, and international communication and cooperation. Hao Ping also stressed that Peking University will continue to promote the development of international Chinese language education, actively cultivate international talents who know China, love China, and would benefit the world. Through this work, Hao Ping believes PKU will contribute to cross-civilization communication and a community of a shared future for humankind.

Tian Xuejun, chairman of National Language Commissio  n, also delivered a speech, emphasizing the importance of international Chinese language education as both a public good provided by China and a platform of cultural exchanges. He expressed his hope that the ICLEW could be an opportunity for more cooperation and high-quality multi-cultural exchanges.
Granting Certificates

Tian Xuejun also granted certificates to a number of institutions in the field of international Chinese language education. Wang Bo, vice president of Peking University, accepted the certificate for PKU International Academy of Chinese Studies (IACS) on behalf of the university. IACS is a high-level academic institution dedicated to promoting academic and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, helping foreign Sinologists continuously study Chinese culture, and building a solid academic foundation for international Chinese education.

Others attending the ceremony include envoys from multiple countries to China, personnel from the Ministry of Education and institutions for Sino-foreign exchange and cooperation, faculties and students from 20 Chinese universities, representatives of Chinese state-owned enterprises, and online audiences from more than 100 countries. Foreign dignitaries have sent congratulatory videos. Mohammad Ramin, a scholarship recipient of the Confucius Institute scholarship at Peking University and an Afghan master's degree graduate majoring in Chinese international education, also shared his experience of studying in PKU through video.

Written by: Wu Qianni
Edited by: Ma Yaoli
Source: PKU News (