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Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School turns 20

DEC . 17 2021
Peking University, December 17, 2021: On 4 Dec, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ) turned 20! The 20th Anniversary Ceremony & Review Meeting of PKUSZ was held at the Shenzhen University Town Sports Center . PKU’s Council Chair Qiu Shuiping and PKU Executive Vice President Gong Qihuang, PKU Assistant to President Sun Qingwei as well as representatives of PKU and Shenzhen, and related personnel attended the meeting.

A photo of leaders and distinguished guests in attendance

Together, they watched the 20th anniversary video to learn about the construction history of PKUSZ and its initial purpose of nurturing talents and growing through overcoming obstacles under the national development strategy. Over the past two decades, PKUSZ has continued the legacy of intertwining PKU and Shenzhen, opening up a distinct path of higher education to the world, becoming a vital component of PKU’s evolution to become a world-class institution; and providing an important platform for PKU to develop cutting-edge cross-disciplines.

Conference Scene

Distinguished guests delivered speeches congratulating PKUSZ’s 20th anniversary, thanking its contributions and the continuation of the PKU legacy as well as hopes and aspirations for PKU and PKUSZ.

Amidst singing the uplifting chorus of “Ode to the Motherland” , the PKUSZ 20th Anniversary Ceremony & Review Meeting came to an end.


The history of PKUSZ

In 2001, PKU and Shenzhen jointly established PKUSZ to explore the Chinese tertiary education reforms of city-institution collaborations. At its inception, PKUSZ aspires to become the breakthrough for the Chinese higher education holistic reforms. It explores the characteristics of frontier field, cross-discipline, applied academic and international standards. They also aim to nurture talents who pursue excellence and are future leaders; continue to deepen the integration of disciplinary layout and industrial layout of Guangdong province and Shenzhen city.

Over the past two decades, they have attracted the finest and assembled a team of high level and international staff. Currently, PKUSZ has a total of 270 full-time teaching staff, of which 2 are CAS academicians, 12 are National Global High-Level Talents, and 5 are Changjiang Scholars. Not just them, many teachers were also elected into the 2020 World’s Top 2% Scientists list  and Elsevier 2020’s Highly Cited Chinese Researchers list. Over the past two decades, PKUSZ has admitted 17,226 students in total over the years, with 30% of graduates choosing to stay in Shenzhen to work.

After 20 years of dedication, PKUSZ has made great strides. Looking into the future, PKUSZ, as a wing under PKU, will be rooted in the Greater Bay Area to face the world, becoming the cutting-edge interdisciplinary disciplines pillar for the construction of "Emerging Engineering"; the important talent driving force for the construction of "Double First Class"; and the vital high-end intellectual engine for the construction of Greater Bay Area. It will continue to contribute to the growth of education reforms and innovation while serving national strategies.

Written by: Vissly Chan Shun Ling
Edited by: June Tan Rui Min
Source: PKU News (Chinese)