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Event Recap: 10th Annual Symposium for the BEST Alliance

NOV . 24 2021
Peking University, November 24: The 10th annual symposium for the BEST (Beijing-Seoul-Tokyo) Alliance was successfully held online on November 12th, 2021. The deans of the three member schools, Professor Liu Qiao from Peking University Guanghua School of Management (Guanghua), Professor Youjae Yi from Seoul National University Graduate School of Business (SNU), and Professor Kazuo Ichijo from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS), as well as prominent faculty members, attended the meeting.

At the symposium, the deans of the three member schools shared the latest developments of each institution and exchanged views on key topics of the alliance, including the impact of COVID-19 on business education in Asia and the opportunities it presents. Yan Se, Associate Professor from PKU Guanghua, delivered a keynote speech on "Post-Covid 19 Reality: China's Economy, Strategy and Policies". Scholars from three countries presented the joint research outcomes. Mo Shujun, Assistant Dean of Guanghua, Director of the Global Affairs Office, hosted the event.

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the "BEST Alliance." During the meeting, the participants reviewed the 10-year history of "BEST Alliance" through a short video, and acknowledged the deans, faculty members, and administrative teams of the three parties who have supported and contributed to the alliance over the past decade. The deans of the three schools expressed high recognition of the ten-year cooperation and its achievements and expressed great confidence in promoting more collaborations and exchanges in business education among the three countries.

The BEST Alliance has been working closely together for the past ten years to carry out joint research projects and has facilitated the participation of more than 20 faculty members. At this symposium, representing professors from the three schools introduced the joint research outcomes. Associate Professor Jack Ting-Ju Chiang, Assistant Professor Chen Zefeng from PKU Guanghua, and Professor Hiroshi Ono from ICS presented the outcomes on behalf of their research group.

The topics include:
  • The Trickle-Down Effect of Chinese Top Managers' Paradoxical Leadership on Employee Creativity
  • The Crowding Out Effect of Fiscal Expansion on Corporate Borrowing
  • Forging a Gender-Inclusive Workplace in an Era of Changing Workstyle

The three schools also reviewed the progress of the MBA Double Degree Program, the student exchange program, and the "Doing Business in Asia" summer program during the meeting. Over the past 10 years, the three schools have sent over 320 students from their respective countries to participate in degree or non-degree collaborative education programs. Three parties all agreed to offer more course options and to provide more flexible arrangements to build a stronger bond among students and faculty.

Guanghua will continue to take advantage of its strengths and work together with its Japanese and Korean partner institutions to create frontier theories and cultivate business leaders with deep understanding of the culture, economy and business practices of East Asia, to enhance the overall international competitiveness of Asian universities, and to contribute to building and consolidating good international relations and mutual trust in this region.

BEST (Beijing-Seoul-Tokyo) Alliance

Best Alliance was formed by Peking University (PKU) Guanghua School of Management (Guanghua), Hitotsubashi ICS (ICS), and Seoul National University Graduate School of Business (SNU) in January 2011. It was the only economic and management program listed in the "Campus Asia - Asia Business Leaders Program ", supported by the governments of China, Japan, and South Korea.

Adhering to the philosophies of openness and innovation, collaboration for mutual benefit and joint development, the three schools have been continuously promoting exchanges and cooperation in the field of business education in the three countries hand in hand for the past decade. BEST strives to foster future business leaders who will lead and promote business cooperation between China, Japan, and South Korea, and to promote full-scale cooperation and exchange among leading business schools in the three countries in all aspects of teaching and research, thus contributing to economic and trade cooperation in East Asia and to the peaceful development of the world.

Source: PKU Guanghua School of Management