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Experts from IFC speak at Peking University Lecture

NOV . 22 2021
Peking University, November 22, 2021: International Finance Corporation (IFC) Country Manager for China, Mongolia and Korea Randall Riopelle and his colleagues attended the lecture “IFC's Operations and Cases in China” jointly organized by Peking University School of Economics and Student Career Center. Dean of Peking University School of Economics Dong Zhiyong thanked Randall Riopelle and other IFC members for their support for the academic activities of Peking University School of Economics and welcomed them to communicate more with the teachers and students in the future. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on talent training of international organizations and deepening cooperation between institutions.
The meeting in progress

During the lecture, Riopelle introduced the World Bank and the IFC. Since its establishment in 1956, the International Finance Corporation’s main goal has been to eliminate extreme poverty and promote the common prosperity of developing countries by 2030. In the past 30 years, China has lifted 800 million people out of poverty, this is a very remarkable achievement and has made an important contribution to the realization of the goal of eliminating global poverty. Riopelle then introduced the three services provided by IFC: investment, development solutions that meet customer needs and mobilizing and managing capital.
Randall Riopelle speaking at the lecture

Next, Zhu Wenqin, Principal Country Officer at International Finance Corporation, reviewed the three stages of the cooperation between IFC and China.
Zhu Wenqin speaking in the lecture

When talking about the future development strategy, Zhu Wenqin pointed out that IFC will focus on three aspects in China: first, strengthen environmental sustainability and resilience; second, reduce the difference between urban and rural areas; third, support the development of industries that drive productivity growth, such as financial technology and logistics infrastructure.

Xu Weichuan, Senior Investment Officer of IFC, introduced IFC's investment in Chinese financial institutions. In the future, more Chinese people need to participate in the work of international institutions and bring China's successful experience to more developing countries, to help people around the world jointly realize a better future.
Xu Weichuan speaking during the lecture

Sun Hao, Senior Investment Officer in the IFC Infrastructure & Natural Resources Industry Group, introduced in detail the cooperation between IFC and China in the field of environmental protection. At different stages of its development, IFC assisted the company's development through different investment products and services and shared China's successful experience in waste power generation with other developing countries.
Sun Hao speaking during the lecture

After the lecture, the four guests held a discussion with the audience. They called on listeners, teachers, and students to actively participate in the work of international organizations, meet challenges and make their own contributions to the development of the world and mankind.

Written by: Cherlin Xu
Edited by: Ng Joong Hwee
Source: PKU World (