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FAO Representative to China speaks at the International Organisation “Month for Major-Country Youth”

NOV . 15 2021
Peking University, November 15,2021: On the afternoon of November 1st, the Student Career Center of Peking University successfully held the first event in a series of talks titled, “International Organisation Representatives Speak ”, as part of the second International Organisation Month for “Major-Country Youth”. Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) representative to China, Mr. Carlos Watson and Dr. Dong Le, FAO Poverty Reduction and Innovation Officer attended the event..

Assistant to president of PKU and Dean of PKU’s School of Economics Dong Zhiyong met and welcomed the guests, thanking them for gracing the event and presented them with a thank you letter. He expressed his hopes that both parties will be able to further their cooperation in the area of scientific research, and that more PKU students may have the opportunity to intern in the FAO.
Dong Zhiyong presents Carlos Watson with a letter of thanks

Carlos Watson giving his speech

In his speech, Watson mentioned the FAO’s goal to achieve food security for all and ensure people have regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active, healthy lives. The FAO is not only the custodian UN agency for 21 of the indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but also a contributing agency to five of them. As a country with more than 1.3 billion people, China has always prioritised food and agriculture development, and has remained in close cooperation with the FAO.

Watson shared that the 21st century marked a new age of cooperation between the FAO and China. Aside from necessary assistance, China also shares her experience with other developing countries, and has become a main supporter of the FAO’s work to fight hunger and food insecurity. In the future, the FAO will refer to the UN’s priority areas in China and its own Strategic Framework (2022-2031), using China’s agricultural development framework as a base while focusing both internally and externally to build the Country Programming Framework for China (2021-2025). Watson also expressed the FAO’s commitment to strategically supporting China to realise her rural revitalisation, food security, and high quality agriculture development goals in a post-pandemic world.

Dong Le shared the FAO’s three-prong strategy in aiding China’s poverty reduction and rural transformation efforts. To quicken the reduction of hunger, poverty and inequality through rural transformation in Asia and the Pacific Ocean region, the FAO started the Digital Villages Initiative, focused on helping rural people acquire more resources through information technology. China also organised the Smart Agriculture Competition, where AI and expert-grown strawberries were compared. Dong also shared job availabilities at the FAO, detailing the entire hiring process.
Carlos Watson’s well wishes to PKU

Written by: Glenda Ho
Edited by: Ng Joong Hwee
Source: PKU News (