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Towards the deep blue: The first PKU Ocean Week held

NOV . 12 2021
Peking University, November 12, 2021: The first PKU Ocean Week was held this year from October 29 to November 6 by Peking University Institute of Ocean Research, aiming at arousing people’s interests in ocean research and boosting cooperation with different institutes.

With the theme of “Towards the deep blue”, the PKU Ocean Week featured many leading experts on ocean research, who were invited to give academic reports. Meanwhile, the past work and achievements made at Peking University were reviewed and multiple forms of academic exchanges between teachers and students were conducted.
The opening ceremony

To begin with, the opening ceremony was held on the afternoon of October 29. Gong Qihuang, executive vice president of Peking University, attended the ceremony and delivered an opening speech, encouraging the establishment of a distinctive oceanic biotechnology discipline and an innovative research platform. Professors Chen Dake and Dai Minhan, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave academic reports on “marine monitoring-forecasting system in the Greater Bay Area” and “carbon neutrality, carbon cycle, and ocean carbon sinks ” respectively.

A symposium on “marine technology and marine community” was held on the morning of October. 30. Guests discussed the possibility of combining the latest technology and ocean research, including using satellites for monitoring and big data for forecasting. They also introduced China’s participation in Ocean Decade (United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development), China’s attitude on problems concerning marine conservation areas on the high seas, and China’s work on deep-sea technology and combatting climate change.

On October 31, graduate students from multiple departments participated in the youth forum focusing on “ocean circulation, life, and resources”. There were 23 reports and a heated discussion, displaying the benefit of an inter-disciplinary exchange.

Students gathered to learn about the deep-sea on the evening of October 31, organized by the Association of Ocean at Peking University. They watched Professor Wang Pinxian’s video uncovering the mystery of deep-sea on bilibili. Some students shared their experiences of participating in scientific investigations in the western Pacific and the South China Sea.

Another symposium about the relation between the ocean and civilization in history was held on the afternoon of November 1. A seminar specifically designed for the Weihai Institute of Oceanology in Peking University was held on the afternoon of November 3. A teacher-student tea party was held on the afternoon of November 4 on the topic of maritime scientific research. Participants shared their experiences, the scientific problems they confronted, and their personal advice for the future development of ocean research at Peking University. There was also a special exhibition about ocean research at the south square of the Peking University Hall during the PKU Ocean Week.

Finally, the ocean week concludes with a lecture on marine fossils. Following a detailed account by Professor Sun Yuanlin, the curator of the Geological Museum of Peking University, participants learned the marine organism’s evolution and underlying stories from these fossils.

Written by: Peng Yongli
Edited by: Ma Yaoli
Source: PKU News (