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PKU unveils new Changping campus

DEC . 06 2021
Peking University, December 6, 2021: PKU has unveiled the new Changping campus, marking the beginning of a new chapter in PKU’s ambitious foray into emerging engineering.

Gates of the new Changping Campus

In September, the new Changping campus was officially launched, welcoming the first batch of approximately 200 students and faculty from the School of Computer Science. The autumn orientation for postgraduate students also took place here. The campus serves as a pillar for PKU’s current strategic focus on emerging engineering programs by accommodating the recently established School of Integrated Circuits, School of Electronics, School of Computer Science, School of Artificial Intelligence, and more.
Welcoming Ceremony

The campus is not unfamiliar with ‘firsts’. It has witnessed the fruition of China’s first atomic clock, first travelling-wave tube, first large-scale integrated circuit, first MOPS (millions of operations per second) computer, and more . As a place with a rich history of China’s scientific development, it seems a fitting choice for the baton to be passed onto a new generation of scientists here in Changping.

On a more practical note, the campus has also been built with many new amenities to cater to a comfortable campus lifestyle. Existing buildings have been renovated to improve ventilation systems, water and electricity supply. Classrooms have been refurbished with the latest teaching equipment. Every aspect of student life, such as new dorms, canteens, auditoriums, sports facilities, convenience stores, medical services and transport, have been accounted and provided for.
View of the Classroom on Campus
Student Dorms on Campus

PKU Professor Yu Kongjian’s  team was in charge of designing the new campus, and they will continue to oversee future renovation and upgrading works. The overall ethos of the campus can be condensed into four main aspects: green and low carbon; collaborative innovation; enthusiastic cooperation; people-focused and rich in culture. The designs seek to echo these aspects and create a campus brimming with modernity, professionalism, spirit —— apt for a world-class university.

Currently, more and more students and faculty are moving into the new Changping campus. Facilities and services continue to be upgraded to better welcome the growing student body. The Changping grounds stand as a testimony to China’s history, and it is here that PKU hopes to foster a new generation of scholars who will run at the forefront of scientific discovery. Rooted in the past, aspiring for a better future.

Written by: Chan Zi Qing
Edited by: Estella Zhang Qiming
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