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PKU Faces Spotted in Winter Olympics MV!

NOV . 25 2021
Peking University, November 24: Beijing, the inaugural "Dual Olympic City" from the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics, is about to become a new milestone in the history of the Olympic Games.

As the game is just around the corner, 12 international students from Peking University (PKU) participated in the filming of the theme song. We interviewed three of them about the Winter Olympics, China and beyond.

Amangeldiyev Sapargeldi, doctoral student of College of Engineering from Turkmenistan

Pozhidaeva Alexandra, postgraduate student of School of Journalism & Communication from Russia

Mahedi Hassan Sunny, undergraduate student of Yuanpei College from Bangladesh

Chinese Culture in the Music Video

Sunny: The 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be held during China's Spring Festival holiday. It is a custom for the Chinese to eat dumplings during the Festival. During my time in China, I have become skilled at making dumplings. Therefore, I am in the scene making dumplings with 'family members' in the video. I enjoy the filming and embracing traditional Chinese culture.

Alex: I am impressed by the lyric 饺子虽小,它包天涯: small the dumpling is, it's to everyone's taste, and it reminds me of our way of New Year celebration in my hometown, Siberia, Russia. My family and I would decorate our house with some ornaments, put on new clothes, watch TV shows and celebrate the coming of the New Year. We also make dumplings, though it is much bigger than the one in China. But they both mean blessedness and unity.

Sapar: Apart from traditional Chinese culture, I also feel the power of technology in China. (There is a scene of us scanning the QR code with a smartphone and renting public bikes). I would never worry about forgetting my purse any longer because of the emergence of the QR code.

Favorite winter sport

Alex: My hometown is located in Siberia, Russia. My brother has been receiving professional training in ice hockey since his childhood. I enjoy the sport as well and I play ice hockey every year before I come to China. My favorite winter sports are certainly ice hockey and skating, and I look forward to the performance of Chinese and Russian players this time.

Sunny: I am from a tropical country, and we don't usually practice any winter sport. During my time in China, I have tried skating several times. I thought skating was easy, but it turned out to be much difficult than I thought before. Here in Beijing, I skate every winter and it's really fun to me.

PKU Ski Team

"Together for a Shared Future."

Alex: As a student of the School of Journalism & Communication, Peking University, I hope that all parts of the world can communicate with each other better, especially during the 2022 Beijing games. Just like "Building a Community with a Shared Future"(打造人类命运共同体) envisioned, I hope the 24th Olympic Winter Games would connect China and the other countries in the world. I believe the Olympic spirit of unity will be seen in the Game and I wish Chinese Wisdom and Chinese Speed would be presented to the world this time.

Sunny: "Together for a shared future", I think this is a perfect slogan in this era of globalization. Internet and technology has made our life more convenient and the relation between countries and people more closed. Unity plays a significant part in this era. I think Beijing 2022 would build a stronger bridge in the world to make a better and more peaceful world. I wish Beijing 2022 will be held successfully. Besides, I also hope for China to break all the records as it did in Beijing 2008.

Sapar: Welcome all the friends who come to Beijing and enjoy the wonderful sports show!

Chen Chuyun
Editor: Lean Zhi Xuan, Susammy