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When the First Snow of the Season Falls in PKU...

NOV . 24 2021
Peking University, November 24: In the midst of midterms season, did you catch the first snow of the year? Winter has silently arrived in Beijing and it's time to let your eyes take a short break from school work and feast on the beautiful views of our campus.

It doesn't snow often in Beijing so let's take a look at our snow-covered campus!


People always remark that fall in Beijing lasts for only a couple of weeks. If you haven't explored the campus, do catch a last glimpse of the leaves and the amazing fall scenery.

White snow, red buildings. Armed with a cup of piping hot coffee in hand and friends to explore the campus with, this is the perfect time to take in the sights!

Talking about hot food and beverages, why not pop by our Jiayuan Canteen for some steaming hotpot to keep you and your friends warm?

It may get quite slippery after snowfall so do remember to bundle up, stay safe and have fun!

Writer: Ng Joong Hwee
Editor: Pu Hairui
Producer: Amanda Hu
Photo: He Shu, Cao Zimu, Cao Yi, Li Chang, Sui Xuechun, Guo Xinxing, Ji Haoyu, Zou Mingzhi, Cai Xiangyu, Zhong Jiexuan, Li Yuanyuan, Huang Zhe, Yang Ningjie, Su Fang, Yin Shushan, Wang Hui, Fang Zhihao, Wang Xiuyuan, Marco Cheong, Aegean Li