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The 1st PKU Health Science Center Cultural and Creative Product Design Competition held

NOV . 12 2021
Peking University, November 12, 2021: On November 5, 2021, the awarding ceremony of the 1st PKU Health Science Center Cultural and Creative Product Design Competition and the opening ceremony of the award-winning works exhibition were held in the lecture hall 209 of Yifu Building.

Since the launch of the Competition in May, the organizer has received 62 groups of original works from teachers, students, employees, alumni and other designers of Peking University Health Science Center (PKUHSC), of which 50 groups were shortlisted. Through online voting and professional evaluation, 20 groups of innovation awards and 6 groups of nominated works were selected. Six groups of nominated works were displayed at the ceremony, and eight judges rated them and selected the first, second and third prizes.

Through the comprehensive evaluation of the judges, the group of 4 including Wang Jingyi, Zheng Zhongjie, Zhou Hanzhang and Weng Dingzhou won the first prize for their work Brain Distribution, Liu Kaixi's Family of Beiyi and Wei tongxuan's Western Blot of Beiyi won the second prize respectively, Feng huangyufei's Tail Clip of “Yan”, Xu Qianqian's Comet and Wang Yan's Houdao Stone Pen Bag won the third prize respectively, and 20 groups of works from 18 teams won the Innovation Award, 24 groups of works from 14 teams won the Shortlist Award. A grand awarding ceremony for the winners was successfully held.

Finally, the leaders present at the meeting jointly launched the exhibition of the award-winning works of the 1st PKU Medicine Cultural and Creative Product Design Competition. The organizer proofed these 26 groups of award-winning works so as to change these excellent works from "2D" to "3D" and make them become practical products of culture and creativity. These works will be displayed in the middle hall on the first floor of Yifu Building from November 3 to November 17. And from November 18, the exhibition will be moved to the PKU Medicine Technology Transfer and Innovation Center to stimulate the innovation atmosphere of PKUHSC, making more teachers and students feel the spark of the collision between Houdao Beiyi and innovative culture.

Written by: Wu Zhaoxia
Edited by: Ye Yimeng
Source: PKU Medicine Culture and Innovation Center