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Orientation Programs held by Peking University Alumni Associations at Home and Abroad

NOV . 01 2021
Peking University, September 1, 2021: Since July, 2021, with support from Peking University (PKU) Alumni Office, 17 PKU Alumni associations at home and abroad have held a series of orientation programs for local students who have just enrolled in or graduated from PKU. As of today, over 20 online and off-line orientation programs have been held through various forms in Shenyang, Suzhou, Shandong, New York, Washington DC and more.

For example, the Hubei Alumni Association has purchased a Group Personal Accident Insurance for more than 60 local PKU freshmen. In addition, the Sichuan Alumni Association launched the 4th Qihang support project, which first started in 2018, to provide funding and assistance for local PKU freshmen in need. Moreover, the Nanjing Alumni Association invited Professor Zhu Feng, Executive Director of the South China Sea Research Collaborative Innovation Center of Nanjing University, to deliver a speech on “Covid-19, Sino-US relations and the new global political and economic paradigm”. As for the Tianjin Alumni Association, new alumni were invited to join its running team and football team.

Freshmen Group Photo (Malaysian Alumni Association)

Several alumni associations abroad have also held a variety of welcome activities. Online orientations were held by the Malaysian Alumni Association, Greater New York Area Alumni Association, New England Alumni Association and Washington DC Alumni Association etc. Among them, the online orientation held by the New England Alumni started with a Fun Facts game which made the atmosphere particularly lively. The 8th Orientation Tea Party was also held jointly online by the Malaysian Alumni Association and PKU Malaysian International Students Association. The orientation arranged "Breaking the Ice" and "Questions and Answers" sessions to improve students' and parents' understanding of Peking University.

In all online activities, alumni associations have invited outstanding alumni representatives to share their learning and life experiences and suggestions. The Alumni Association of Washington DC invited Zhu Xian, Vice Chairman and Vice Secretary-General of the International Finance Forum (IFF) and alumni of the Department of Western Language and Literature, to give a keynote speech on the Sino-U.S. economic situation. The New England Alumni Association invited Li Wei, alumni of the Department of Chemistry and the founding partner of Green Pine Capital, to share his spectacular life experience gained from playing extreme sports such as mountaineering.

Group Photo Outdoors (Greater New York Area Alumni Association)

Some alumni associations also held interesting offline activities despite the pandemic. For example, on October 3, the Greater New York Area Alumni Association organized an outdoor picnic which allowed students to share delicious food and make new friends.

The PKU Alumni Associations and Alumni Office will always strive to support Pekingers both at home and abroad and contribute to the development of their alma mater. All the best to all Pekingers!

Written by: Wu Xiaoxi, Jia Ruimin
Edited by: Estella Zhang Qiming
Source: Beida News (Chinese)