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Peking University holds 2021 Autumn Sports Meeting

OCT . 26 2021
Peking University, October 26, 2021: Peking University held its 2021 Autumn Sports Meeting and at Wu-si Sports Field on October 17. Abundant sports activities ranging from conventional track and field sports to fun sports were organized.

The memorial medal for the PKU Welcome Run

The Wu-si Sports Field

Students and teachers doing the warm-up together

After the flag-raising ceremony, Qian Junwei, director of the Department of PE, delivered an opening remark and hopes that all students and teachers could enjoy running on this beautiful autumn day and get better prepared for the upcoming Beijing Marathon. He believed that during running and exercising, the students and teachers would not only have fun but also strengthen the mind and the body.

Aerobics teacher Che Lei from the Department of PE led teachers and students in a warm-up run. After one lap around the track, all the participants who were bubbling over with enthusiasm and vitality, headed for a loop around Weiming Lake in a 3km PKU Welcome Run.

The PKU Welcome Run
The atmosphere was incredibly vibrant, with joy and laughter filling the air. All the confident and passionate athletes gave their all to defend their department’s honor in track and field. They also engaged actively in a host of recreational sports activities, which then brought them closer to each other.


Students actively participating in the sports meeting

This year's Sports Meeting was filled with energy, passion and creativity. On the Wu-si sports field, which has witnessed generations of PKU strivers, these young athletes pursued excellence, surpassed themselves, spread the joy of sports and displayed true sportsmanship.

Written by
: Liu Zijing
Edited by: Ng Joong Hwee
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