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First Lesson for Freshmen International Students at Peking University

SEP . 10 2021
Peking University, September 9, 2021: The International Students Division (ISD) and Office of International Relations organized an online and on-campus orientation to welcome our freshmen international students. The first “lesson” for our international students included ice-breaking activities, workshops, career planning sessions, online lectures and courses.

On-campus Freshman Orientation
Experience-sharing session

The on-campus orientation for international freshmen was held on  September 7. Staff members from ISD gave students some tips on studying abroad at PKU, including visa applications, club activities, accommodation and driving license matters. International upperclassmen Hyeonuk Kang, Haejin Hwang, Surojjana Leelacheewasitt and Thomas Donglona Adawa also shared their experience living and studying at PKU.

Launching the Orientation
Multicultural ice-breaking activities

In the afternoon, students and their facilitators from the orientation program gathered at No.1 Gymnasium near Boya Pagoda and participated in ice-breaking activities such as self-introduction sessions, designing team flags, brainstorming group names and other games. Sunny Md Mahedi Hassan noted that it was his second time working as a facilitator, thanks to the great memories he had when he first participated in orientation activities at PKU.

Group activities

Workshops and career planning

At 2 p.m., students attended a workshop for meditation and career planning. After noting down the core values and outlooks they had in life, they then shared their dreams for the future in terms of life, family, work and so on.

Online activities

Guidelines for PKU Library resources

ISD not only drafted guidelines for accessing the PKU library, but also gathered common electronic resources for the humanities and social sciences to facilitate students’ future research activities. A lecture was held via the PKU live class platform, which was divided into four topics - overview of the library, common electronic resources, paper research and introduction to special databases.

Guidelines for the taught-in-English graduate program

For remote-learning students, classes will be mainly held on PKU’s live class platform. Professor Chen Peng systematically introduced the overall structure of the graduate program for international students and provided practical suggestions for their future development.

Lecture series on China’s history and culture

In this lecture series, Professor Zhao Yang from the School of Chinese as a Second Language carefully prepared and provided an unforgettable cultural feast for all overseas students, approaching China from the following six aspects - culture, diet, language, traditional festivals, sports, arts and cultural heritage. In addition, ISD organized “the first run” for both local and international students to participate in. Many international students also attended a lecture on the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) history.

Lecture by Zhao Yang

Written by: Jia Ruimin
Edited by: Estella Zhang Qiming
Source: PKU IDS WeChat Account (Chinese)