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Summer School at PKU | Start of Something New

APR . 23 2021
Peking University, April 23, 2021: The Peking University International Summer Institute (PKUISI) is dedicated to providing students from around the world with accurate and concise information on the summer programs each year. Students can make choices and select the summer program which best matches their interests.

The PKUISI is not only about promoting diversity, it also offers a holistic learning experience for all students by connecting all summer school programs through a common theme.

After months of reviewing the performance of PKUISI 2020, the staff of the PKU Office of International Relations and the College of Engineering have been working around the clock with faculty members of the University and partners, to have 4 summer school programs available to students, and set "Summer School at PKU, Start of Something New" as the theme of this year's PKUISI.

Summer school participants will not only gain new learning experiences andexpand social networks, but will also gain new knowledge through curricular and extracurricular activities provided by these programs.

A chance to get first-hand experience of China and the Chinese culture

Each of the four summer school programs has unique course design and are different from each other, yet they all provide participants opportunities to experience China and the Chinese culture.

PKU Chinese Language Summer School

The PKU Chinese Language Summer School offers four-week, six-week, eight-week inclusive Chinese programs, six-week Advanced Business Chinese course, and six-week HSK Chinese Training courses (HSK Level 4-6). These courses are committed to providing overseas students with a diversified platform to enroll in PKU, learn Chinese, and understand China. With its long history in education development, high-quality teaching system, and extensive and in-depth online Chinese-foreign cultural exchange events, the summer school has attracted the attention and approval of more foreign friends every year.

For more information about the PKU Chinese Language Summer School, please visit http://www.isd.pku.edu.cn/clss/info/1101/1138.htm

PKU Summer School International

Since opening its door in 2009, PKU Summer School International (PKUSSI) has experienced burgeoning growth thanks to the dedication of PKU faculty and staff, as well as the participation of faculty and students from all over the world.

Aiming to provide international students with an accessible and high-quality platform to understand China, we tap into the brilliant pool of the university's faculty, and its international network of experts, to develop and offer a portfolio of courses that include the humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary studies.

“I like the professor's opinions toward the literature. They are inspiring. Well explained content and interesting materials allow me to have an in-depth reflection of what I learned in class and what I experienced outside class.”
----- Course | Modern Chinese Fiction through Film

For more information about the PKU Summer School International, please visit http://www.oir.pku.edu.cn/summerschool/index.htm

PKU-UChicago International Policy Action Lab

Through the flexible model delivered by the PKU-UChicago International Policy Action Lab, you’ll learn the evidence-based approach of conducting international policy research from top scholars at Peking University and the University of Chicago.

For more information about the PKU-UChicago International Policy Action Lab,please visit http://www.oir.pku.edu.cn/summerschool/info/1042/1314.htm

2021 Globex Julmester Program |PKU College of Engineering

The Globex at the College of Engineering, Peking University is a professional mobility program with a worldwide exchange of students from all disciplines of study. To enhance students' global and professional experience, Globex offers courses that focus on engineering and science, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as society and globalization.

Engineering and science generate new knowledge and skills for society to advance and prosper. To convert into useful products, the acquired knowledge and skills need to be commercialized through innovation and entrepreneurship. Societies everywhere are being profoundly impacted by China, as it grows to become the world’s largest economy. Globex offers students an opportunity to study China and its culture from an engineering perspective. Globex students can select 1 or 2 courses (3-6 credits) from the various themes (one in the morning and the other in the afternoon).

For more information about the 2021 Globex Julmester Program, please visit https://globex.coe.pku.edu.cn

Expand your social circle

The PKU International Summer Institute offers participants from across the globe an opportunity to meet and interact with each other.

PKU Chinese Language Summer School

The PKU Chinese Language Summer School welcomes students from all over the world with an interest in the Chinese language. Every year, about 300international students from more than 30 countries participate in the program, providing an opportunity for students to establish connections with Chinese language enthusiasts from around the world. 

PKU Summer School International

A student from the class of Media and Society in China appreciates that the PKU Summer School International program offers students a platform to learn concepts and exchange insights with each other.

“This is my first time to have this online course, the Teaching Assistants are being very patient to solve my problems about the assignment and the system. I do not only learn some concepts, but also some attitudes from students who take universities from all over the world”
 ----- Course | Media and Society in China

2021 Globex Julmester Program |PKU College of Engineering

Students from the previous years had wonderful learning and cultural experiences, and recommended this program to friends.

“I had a great time and this was my big opportunity to learn many things I cannot learn in my own school. I am so proud that I participated in this program. I won't even hesitate to recommend this program to my friends and hope Globex Julmester can last long. Sincerely thank you very much to hold such a program.”

A chance to refine your professional expertise

Personal enrichment is at the core of the PKU International Summer Institute. Participants will achieve academic progression through courses offered by different summer school programs.

PKU Chinese Language Summer School

The PKU Chinese Language Summer School program focuses on improving and enhancing students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills. The courses aim at helping students to increase common vocabulary as well as polish grammar and sentence patterns.

PKU Summer School International

A wide range of courses are offered through the PKU Summer School International Program, and participants from the previous year share with us how much they enjoyed the courses.

“Knowledgeable and experienced teaching skill. The professor can explain complicated models in a very clear way and always support with an example in real life, which is very helpful. Also, Professor Qin is very supportive. For example, if some students want to submit a formal paper, he will give us professional sources and journals to refer to help us finish it in a better way.”
----- Course | Applied Econometrics

“ Their encouragement to students and free academic discussion atmosphere. The professor encourages students to ask questions and always answer the questions in a kind and clear way. The Teaching Assistants welcome discussion in Wechat Group, too.”
----- Course | Applied Econometrics

“ I like how there are quite a lot of activities and variety of material for the course which makes it interesting. I also like how the atmosphere is nice and everyone seems really supportive and encouraging of the learning.”
----- Course | The rise of China and Change in World Politics

PKU-UChicago International Policy Action Lab

Do you want to learn from the top minds at PKU and the University of Chicago, as well as engage in an intensive academic training experience and apply what you learn in a group research project? Then PKU-UChicago International Policy Action Lab is the right choice for you!

“ The IPAL program was truly a unique learning opportunity that enhanced my research skills and deepened my understanding of critical international policy issues. Because of IPAL, I now have a clearer idea of what I master's program I would like to pursue.”----- Jazmin Juarez | IPAL’20

2021 Globex Julmester Program |PKU College of Engineering

By joining the 2021 Globex Julmester Program, you will have the chance to attend lectures delivered by professionals in the field of engineering across the world, such as Prof. Tang Shaoqiang from PKU, Prof. Andrew Kusiak from the University of Iowa, Prof. Bernd Heidergott from the University of Hamburg, Prof. Rod Bain from the University of Strathclyde, and the list goes on.

Join the Peking University International Summer Institute (PKUISI) to get first-hand experience of China and the Chinese culture, expand your social circle, and refine your professional expertise.

Written by: Xu Haolun
Edited by: Amanda Hu
Photo credit to: PKU Office of International Relations, PKU College of Engineering, PKU Office of Global Communications