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[Lecture] Western Medival History: Cross Cultural Perspectives

NOV . 19 2021


Felipe Fernández-Armesto,  University of Notre Dame

Peng Xiaoyu, Peking University

Cai Liang,  University of Notre Dame

Time: 21:00, November 19, 2021 (GMT+8)

Language: English

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In this collaborative event between Peking University and the University of Notre Dame, Peng Xiaoyu and Felipe Fernández-Armesto meet to examine similarities and differences in how Western and Chinese scholars understand the Western Middle Ages. They'll ask what is included or excluded, emphasized or marginalized in work by Chinese and Western scholars and teachers, and the consequences for the curriculum at PKU and ND - all against the backdrop of a puzzle: Why are Chinese historians more interested in the Western Middle Ages than Westerners in the equivalent period in China? This event will be moderated by Liang Cai.

Source: PKU_world