How to Apply

Faculty Exchange


This Guide is written for visiting scholars to Peking University (PKU) by the Office of International Relations (OIR). Please review this Guide before you start making the detailed arrangements on your visiting plan to PKU.


How to apply


1.    Apply to your home institution

Please check with your home institution to see if it has any faculty exchange program with PKU. If yes, you may apply to it for being sent as a visiting scholar to PKU if you satisfy the relevant requirements.


2. Get nominated by your home institution

After applying you need to be nominated by your institution as a visiting scholar to PKU. Usually a partner institution of PKU has its annual quota of visiting scholars to PKU. Please discuss with your home institution concerning the availability of quota and possible duration of the visit.


After you are approved by your home institution for the exchange, we need a nomination, either by email or letter, from the international office of your home institution.


3. Contact PKU staff

To confirm your visiting plan at PKU, please contact PKU staff in advance. If your visit is shorter than six months, please contact us three months in advance; if it is longer than six months, please contact us six months in advance.

4. Find a host school/department (optional)
If you intend to collaborate with members of PKU faculty on your research, please find a host school or department. It will help you arrange your visiting plan and quickly adapt to your living and research here at PKU.

If you just intend to use the PKU resources to do your research, you may skip this step and do research independently. However, this is not recommended.


5. Apply for your visa

Please get in touch with the PKU contact person to obtain necessary documents for your visa. Normally there are two kinds of visas for exchange scholars:




F (Visiting) Visa


Applicable to visits no longer than three months and can be extended twice to nine months at most;


Required documents:

    Visa Application Form for Exchange Scholars (as attached)

    English CV

    Research plan (optional if you teach here)

    A scanned copy of passport (information page)

* All should be submitted to the PKU contact person by email at least one month before the actual visit.


Number of Entries:

The official invitation letter issued by PKU will indicate number of entries (single entry/double entries). In most cases it is for single entry. Please inform the PKU contact person of the exact time of your departure and arrival time within your visit if you need a visa with double entries.



Please inform the PKU contact person one month before your visa expires if you need an extension.




Z (Working) Visa


Applicable to visits between ten months (an academic year) and a calendar year and can be extended for unlimited times.


Required documents:

    Visa Application Form for Exchange Scholars (as attached)

    English CV

    A scanned copy of your highest degree certificate (an English translation is needed if the original is not in English)

    A scanned copy of signed Chinese & English contracts (provided by the PKU contact person)

    A scanned copy of health examination report issued by a medical institution certified by Chinese embassy or consulate (compulsory for those aged 60 or above. Otherwise, the health examination can be taken after you arrive in Beijing.)

    A scanned copy of passport (information page)

    An electronic photo

    Marriage certificate if your husband/wife comes with you and a scanned copy of his/her passport

    Birth certificate if your child (under 18 years old) comes with you and a scanned copy of his/her passport

* All should be submitted to the PKU contact person by email at least two months before the actual visit


Residence Permit:

You should apply for a residence permit within one month after your arrival



Please inform the PKU contact person one month before your visa expires if you need an extension.


How to make a housing reservation


If it is specified in the agreement between PKU and your home institution that your accommodation will be covered, OIR will make reservations for you. Therefore, please be advised that OIR must be noticed of your exact arrival date at least thirty days ahead.

If you have to change or cancel your schedule due to some reason, please inform OIR of your change or cancellation no later than the scheduled date of your arrival. Failure to do so will result in a daily accommodation cost at PKU starting from the scheduled date of your arrival. These days will be counted as part of your stay at PKU, which will probably shorten your actual visit.


In case your actual visiting time is longer than the period written in the Visa Application Form for Exchange Scholars, you have to obtain an official approval from your home institution first. Then your home institution should inform the PKU contact person with the approval by email.


OIR will arrange accommodation for you based on the availability of housing during your visit. Please inform PKU contact person at least three months in advance to ensure better housing and services.


Because of possible email or technical failures, it is important for you to verify that you have received a confirmation on your housing reservation from OIR. Before your arrival, you will receive an email from the contact person specifying the details of your accommodation.


Normally the apartments OIR reserves for exchange scholars have 24-hour receptionist at the front desk so that you can check in anytime. If you have special requirements about housing, please inform the contact person in advance. OIR will try their best to respond to your needs but cannot guarantee that in some cases.


If the accommodation is not covered according to the agreement, it is highly suggested that you make your travel plan after your accommodation in Beijing is confirmed. Please email the PKU contact person if you need help for accommodation.




How to get here

Once your schedule is confirmed and your housing reservations completed, please consider your transportation after you arrive at the Beijing International Airport.



If you travel by yourself, the most convenient transportation is to take a taxi from the airport to the address of your accommodation. The regular taxi meter-rate is 2.3 RMB/km and it will cost you around 100-130 RMB (expressway fee of 10 RMB and bunker surcharge of 1 RMB included) and 1-1.5 hours (depending on the traffic) for the whole ride. Please remember to ask the driver for the receipt in case you need to get in touch with the driver or with the taxi company.


Shuttle Bus

You may also take the airport shuttle bus (Line 5) to Zhongguancun first and then change to a taxi. The airport shuttle fare is 24 RMB and you may purchase the ticket at the shuttle bus booth located just outside the Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. Line 5 Shuttle Bus service operates from 5:10 to 22:00. For more information, you may refer to the website:



You may also take the subway:

    Take Line ‘Airport Express’ from Terminal 2 or Terminal 3;

    Transfer to Line 10 at the ‘Sanyuanqiao’ station;

    Transfer to Line 4 at the ‘Haidian Huangzhuang’ station;

    Get off at ‘The East Gate of Peking University’ station

The Line ‘Airport Express’ charges 25 RMB/person and the subway charges 5 RMB/person if follow the above route. The Line ‘Airport Express’ operates 6:20-22:50 (from Terminal 3) and 6:35-23:10 (from Terminal 2). For different subway lines within the city, please refer to the instructions inside the station for their operating time.



How to get your Visiting Scholar ID card

After settling down, you may come to meet the contact person in the Office of International Relations at South Chamber. We will help you get a Visiting Scholar ID card.



How to get your stipend

The contact person will inform you of picking up stipend when the stipend form is ready. Please make an appointment with the contact person before you pick up the stipend form and you will be given instruction of how to proceed thereafter. Normally the stipend will be picked up at the New Sun Student Center


Unless specified otherwise by the relevant agreement between PKU and your home institution, PKU will distribute your stipend according to this standard:



2000 RMB/month

Assistant/Associate Professors

1500 RMB/month


1500 RMB/month


How to get your library card

After you obtain your Visiting Scholar ID Card, you may apply for a temporary library card or activate the service at the front desk of the library (Orange No. 5 in the attached PKU Main Campus Map). It allows you to read in the PKU Library, but no privilege to borrow books. If you would like to borrow books or gain access to the electronic resources from the library online database, a certain amount of deposit is to be paid at your expense, which will be refunded after you return your card to the PKU Library. Please consult at the front desk about how much the service costs.



How to get your internet access

You need an account to obtain access to the internet. Please take your Visiting Scholar ID Card and go to the User Account Administration Office of the PKU Computer Center to open your account. The Office is at the hall of the second floor of the Natural Sciences Building No. 1 (Red No. 20 in the attached PKU Main Campus Map). Please consult at the office about how much the monthly service costs.


Emergency numbers and medical services

Here are a few recommendations to ensure your personal safety: Please take extra precaution with your passport and cash. If you leave valuable items in your room, make sure to lock the door, close the windows, and turn off the tap and the lights.

In case of any emergency or any other danger, call the police first and then call OIR for assistance.

Emergency Numbers:

Police: 110

Firefighters: 119

Traffic police: 122

Medical Emergency: 120 or 999

Peking University Emergency Hotline: 62752119

OIR Division for Exchange Programs: 62752055


Prior to your arrival in China, please plan to buy a medical insurance that will cover your medical expenses in China.


OIR contact information

If you have any questions or problems during your stay at Peking University, please feel free to email or call the office. You can also schedule an appointment when necessary. We are always glad to help you.


Contact Person: Ms. Zhu Siying

Nan Ge (南阁) 102,

Division for Exchange Programs,

Office of International Relations,

Peking University

Telephone: 62752055


Fax: 62751240