Office of Laboratory and Equipment Management

OCT . 24 2008

Office of Laboratory and Equipment Management of Peking University has the responsibility for the management of the laboratory and equipment.


Specially, it is responsible for:

Generation and implementation of laboratory management rules and regulations

Planning, construction and management of laboratory

System construction, opening-up and assessment of the laboratory

Construction and reformation of experimental teaching system

Construction and management of scientific engineering team

Management of laboratory instrument and equipment

Planning, argumentation, management, maintenance, opening-up and assessment of large-scale instrument and equipment

Management and implementation of the special equipment fund of “211” and “985” projects

Contract managementof imported instrument and equipment

Environmental protection and radiation protection of the campus



The Office of Laboratory and Equipment Management has five main units:

General affairs office

Laboratory management office

Equipment management office

Importation contract office

 EnvironmentalProtectionoffice (affiliated)



To contact us, please dial (telephone) 86-10-6275-1411 or fax:86-10-6275-1411