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King of Jordan: Further Communication between China and Jordan

King Abdullah II of the Kingdom of Jordan visited Peking University and gave an address on the topic of “Peace and Development” on October 30. He emphasized the importance of stability in the world, both in the sense of economy and politics. In terms of economic development, King Abdullah II pointed out that Jordan has always been working positively to cooperate with other countries, especially China. Recently in Beijing and Shanghai, agreements have been signed between China and Jordan in several fields, including energy and trade.



King Abdullah II spoke of how Jordan both values and appreciates the role played by China in working towards world peace. China’s voice and culture are highly respected and trusted by Jordan. He hopes that Jordan and China can play a leading role in ending conflicts and strengthening alliances, so that global justice and a peaceful homeland can be returned to the Palestinian people. He also hopes for a further communication between Chinese students and Jordanian students. At the celebration of the 30th anniversary for the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between Jordan and China, King Abdullah II called for a great growth of the friendship between the two countries.