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Chen Keshi: Shenzhen leads an “along the seashore” lifestyle

Peking University, Oct.18, 2014: Being one of southern China’s major cities, Shenzhen has made miracles in economic development. Recently, Chen Keshi, vice dean of School of Environment and Urban Studies, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University (PKUSZ), put forward the issues of Shenzhen’s lifestyle. As he said on a conference in Shenzhen theming at “international city building”, he put forward that Shenzhen could lead an “along the seashore”lifestyle.


Plans: bay-area economy


The core idea of Professor Chen can be summarized as “a city along the seashore”, which means striving to develop the bay-area economy to integrate regional resource superiority and build an economy corridor that connects Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen Bay, Dapeng Bay, Daya Bay and Shenzhen River.


"From the spatial strategy perspective, coastal resources are the most unique and competitive resources.”Professor Chen mentioned,“Seize the opportunity of bay-area economy to increase city value and build a world-class coastal city is a sustainable way for the development of Shenzhen, making this city competitive and full of charms.


"The four bays have their own advantages separately.” Professor Chen detailed his proposal, “To the west side of Qianhai Bay, a 30-40 square kilometers’ sea reclamation could build a Manhattan-like urban area. Areas around the Shenzhen Bay will become the most important section in the border area of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Shenzhen Bay will be the powerhouse for Shenzhen, inspiring the city to be one of the best in the world. To build an area of attraction, it will have a Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation section for business and culture. As for Dapeng Bay and Daya Bay, the mountain and sea resources would be developed. Shenzhen River is a highlight in the superiority of the urban environment.


To achieve this goal, Professor Chen thought the coming 3-5 years is the crucial turning point.


Comments: accomplishing the plan with enthusiasm


The plan of becoming a world-class and international coastal city fired the delegates at presence with enthusiasm.


"The proposal of ‘Four Bays and One River’ is a suitable and sustainable way for Shenzhen”. Li Xiaogan, Secretary of Nanshan District Party Committee (Shenzhen) commented,“Nanshan District is constructing the western part of the seashore leisure part with high standard. The project has entered the public bidding phase. When constructed, the residence can walk from Mangrove Natural Reserve in Futian District to Sea World at Shekou. Meanwhile, a eco-friendly themed park would be built in Nanshan District in two years, covering 600 thousand square meters.”


Wang Hongbin, Chief Executive of Baoan District(Shenzhen), added that the 45-kilometer coastal line should be paid high attention in the bay-area economy. “Mangrove Natural Reserve and Shenzhen Airport are located along this coastal line. If ‘One Coast’ idea was added to the ‘Four Bay and One River’ proposal, this plan would be more complete.”



Key point: curbing environmental pollution


Environment is the key point for sustainable development. It is the same in Shenzhen. The most polluted bay of the four was Shenzhen Bay. Five out of the six rivers run into Shenzhen Bay were heavily polluted. The others were much better than it, but pollution was obvious in some regions.


The strategic plan of the bay-area is attracting high-end talents throughout the world. This plan turns the environmental issue into a critical one.



Written by: Meng Yiran

Edited by: Zhang Jiang

Source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily