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Quotes from Chen Yongli: what we are looking for in job-hunting

Peking University, Mar. 14, 2014: 17 years ago, he became a PKU student in School of Foreign Languages (SFL) and studied Vietnamese. 10 years ago, he graduated with distinction and stayed at PKU as an educator who worked closely with students. Today, he is a senior mentor, if not the most experienced, in the realm of employment work of students among Chinese higher education institutions.

Over the decade, thousands of students have sought his advice and benefited from his hard work and wisdom. He is an admirable role model yet with an amiable personality, loved by his colleagues and students. He keeps working diligently day in and day out, on the road to his dream of becoming an educationalist.

He is Chen Yongli, currently Director of Student Career Center, PKU.

On March 7, he was invited to “go back home” as the first guest for Alumni Salon Series of SFL to give a speech on a topic he cannot be more familiar with: What We Are Looking for in Job-hunting. His thought-provoking talk effused insights and wisdom, captivating all the audience. Here are some remarkable quotes from the speech.

Source: SFL News

On learning and growing

1. What matters most in studying a major is to cultivate thinking method and code of conduct, rather than to learn knowledge and technique.
2. Interest is the best teacher, but responsibility is an even better one. Putting interest first is shallow, whereas putting responsibility first is profound.
3. Whom to go with on the life trip is more significant than where to go.
4. Great skill comes from arduous work; great career comes from true learning.
5. Profundity exists in seeing through the simplicity; greatness exists in holding fast to the ordinary.

On choosing a right job

1. Seeking a job somewhat resembles traveling. It’s not wise wishing to go everywhere, and it’s even worse not wanting to go anywhere.
2. What are you looking for in job-hunting? Look for an environment that can nurture your dream; for a stage that can showcase your value.
3. “There are three hundred and sixty trades, and every trade has its master.” One aspect of the saying means that you can make an achievement and having shining moments in every trade; the other means that the master of every trade has unique social value. Therefore, there’s no point in comparing your offers with others.
4. Learning to give up is harder than learning to select.
5. The best offer comes from the nation’s need; the greatest happiness comes from the history’s acknowledgement.

On doing the job right

1. Experience growth through retrospection; grasp happiness in making a choice.
2. We should pursue not only our sense of achievement, but also influence over the outside world. The former is to yourself; the latter is to many others.
3. There are three states in a job: to do a job you love leads to happiness; to do a job well leads to success; to do a job influential enough to be acknowledged by the society leads to dignity.
4. True politeness is not outside etiquette; rather, it’s the respect from inside the heart.
5. Dare do the things that others think are impossible; refrain yourself from doing the wrong thing that can be done.


Written by: Li Ruiqi and Chen Long
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: WeChat Account of SCC