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Peking University students attend charity activities in Hainan

A group of students from Peking University and the Female Students Development Association affiliated to the University have volunteered to work with the Hainan Women's Federation in charitable activities designed to help typhoon-affected women and children from August 15-19, 2014.


Students pose for a group photo. [Hainan Women's Federation/Liu Haimei]


Typhoon Rammasun inflicted huge losses in terms of human lives and property on Hainan in July.


Over the past several days, a special activity was jointly held by young college students, the Hainan Women's Federation and the Hainan Charity Federation to help local orphans regain their faith in life.


Meanwhile, students also went to Jiaba Village of Ledong County with the Hainan Women's Federation to help promote residents' knowledge of illegal use of drugs and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). They also paid visits to senior residents and interacted with them.


At the conclusion ceremony of their short stay, the students said they had learned a lot from participating in the charitable activities, and they would call on other college students to devote themselves to similar activities in the future.


For their part, President of the Hainan Women's Federation Liu Jin and Vice Secretary of the Peking University Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Ye Jingyi gave high praise to the students for their excellent performance in Hainan.



Reported by: He Hua

Source: Women of China

Edited by: Arthars