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Peking University student gets donations for surgery

A disfigured rural student at Peking University has received donations from the university for plastic surgery, Beijing Times reported on Friday.


The 18-year-old student, Yu Yan, comes from a poor farming family in Nanling county, Anhui province.


She was the top liberal arts scorer in this year's college entrance examination in the province and was admitted to Peking University.


Yu has suffered from atrophy on the left side of her face since she was 9 years old.


A professor named Zhao Xiaojun at Peking University learned of Yu's condition and launched a donation campaign. As much as 50,000 yuan ($8,118) was collected, and Zhao assisted Yu in finding a plastic surgery hospital in Beijing.


Yu had surgery on Aug 20 and is now in recovery. Doctors said she will need several more operations before her facial reconstruction is complete.



Reported by: Ma Lie

Source: China Daily

Edited by: Arthars