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Two girls dominates Beijing Gaokao for Peking University

The gaokao is China’s national college entrance exam, and this year's top scorers in liberal arts and sciences in Beijing are both females, Sun Yixian from the High School Attached to Tsinghua University and Liu Qianying from the Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University.


This year, Beijing has more than 70,000 candidates taking the exam. Starting at 12:00 on June 23, Beijing college entrance examination candidates can check their results.


Sun Yixian said she heard the news while travelling in northwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. She told the reporter on the phone that she felt travelling is very important because we can see different people and how they live their lives.


Besides that, Sun enjoys a good book and she is going to Peking University to study law.


Liu Qianying said she was watching the World Cup when she heard she was No. 1. She told the reporter that she did not see this coming.


Liu spent three years in the U.S. with her parents but she had not planned to go overseas. She will also attend Peking University and her chosen major is math.


Liu told reporters that math is the foundation for economics and statistics.


Liu is a big football fan and for this year's World Cup, she is rooting for Argentina.


"I like Argentina. Messi is not that much taller than me but he is a great player!" said Liu. Messi is only 1.69 meters tall.



Reported by: Xinhua News Agency

Source: Women of China

Edited by: Arthars