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Economist Justin Yifu Lin receives honorary degree from UBC

UBC recently granted an honorary degree to eminent Chinese economist Justin Yifu Lin.



Justin Yifu Lin received the honorary degree on May 26. Photo Mackenzie Walker / The Ubyssey.


In a graduation ceremony that took place May 26 at the Chan Centre, the university presented Lin with an honorary doctorate for his contributions to the fields of worldwide development and economics.


“Although [Lin] holds honorary doctorates on three continents, he has yet to be so recognized at a prominent research university in North America,” said UBC president Stephen Toope. “In light of this university’s deep commitment to global issues and its longstanding focus upon Asia and China in particular, we are honoured to be the first.”


Currently the honorary dean for the National School of Development at Peking University, Lin has spent over 40 years researching economic development patterns around the world and analyzing the growth of the Chinese economy.


In the past, Lin has also served as the director of the China Centre for Economic Research and as the chief economist and senior vice president of the World Bank.


Lin has published numerous books on the Chinese economy, worldwide development patterns and the role that governments should play in helping developing nations.His most recent book Against the Consensus: Reflections on the Great Recession , explores the financial crisis of 2008 as well as the effects it had on countries around the world.


At a press conference that took place in the morning before the graduation ceremony, Lin spoke about the sustainability of the Chinese economy after a period of rapid growth.


“I think that China is in a much better position to maintain a reasonably high growth rate because [it] still has good opportunities for making investments, [and] abundant resources for engaging in commerce-critical innovation,” said Lin. “I think that China will be able to maintain the target growth rate between seven and eight per cent.”


At the graduation ceremony, Lin also gave a speech about the importance of working hard, pursuing our passions and learning to take advantage of the many surprises in our lives.


“I’d like to tell you that I am the luckiest person in the world,” said Lin. “I am the luckiest person in the world because, at the age of 62, I still have the same dream. It is a dream I had 40 years at an age similar to many of you here today.”


After receiving his honorary degree, Lin imparted more words of inspiration to the graduating class.


“Let’s pursue our dreams together,” said Lin. “Go ahead, work hard, do your best, and never give up.”



Reported by: Veronika Bondarenko
The Ubyssey
Edited by: Arthars