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Peking University Youth Studies Set Sail for a New Ten-year Journey

Peking University, April 17th, 2015: Recently, Peking University Youth Studies celebrated its ten-year-old birthday by unveiling its first issue of 2015, and set sail for a new ten-year journey. The magazine, sticking to the principle of “practical and creative”, has made considerable changes in the  layout and themes  of its articles in order to encourage more meaningful and innovative research articles.

The spotlight article of the first issue is written by Lin Jianhua, the principal of Peking University, discussing how to step up the development of PKU. The article briefly reviewed the development of China’s higher education system in the past thirty years and that of Peking University, pointed out the basic goal and idea for development today and reflected on several critical issues, including creating cultural identities, talent fostering, academic development and curriculum.

Peking University Youth Studies is a traditional publication aimed at propelling practical studies. As it begins its the new ten-year journey, Peking University Youth Studies is adopting a more diversified perspective towards its content, such as drawing topics from Weiming BBS and inviting graduate students to publish their inspiring studies.

The spinal cord of the magazine is the excellent team of authors, which are made up of relevant teachers, Party leaders, experts, etc.. And statistics show that, as time goes by, the team of authors is not only getting larger but also getting younger, with proximately 80% of the writers being younger than 45 years old.

Making the work of the editors more professional has been a constructive object ever since the very first publication of this magazine. Borrowing from previous experience, the brand new Peking University Youth Studies has separated regular subjects and special subjects in soliciting contributions for the first time. It now gives writers more time and freedom on choosing topics and writing articles. The trial of multi-round editing ensures the quality of the articles. As the upmost task of PKU is to nurture talents, the editorial committee is ready to broaden the horizon of research, strengthen concerns for students and pull its weight to cultivate the youth.

Reported by: Lai Huan

Edited by: Xu Liangdi

Source: PKU News (Chinese)