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PKU-Stanford Forum opens at PKU

Peking University, Oct. 21, 2014: PKU-Stanford Forum opens at the Stanford Center at Peking University(SCPKU) on Oct. 20th. The topic is “University as a Source of Innovation and Economic Development”. The forum will discuss the function of universities in promoting the mode of China’s economy from investment-driven to innovation-driven.

Prof. Min Weifang, the Executive President of Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy, gave a welcoming speech to the guests present. For the past 20 years, PKU and Stanford have established close cooperation and held many forums covering different fields together, said Prof. Min.

Prof. Min delivering the speech

Due to the improvement of technology and knowledge economy, universities, especially research universities, are playing an increasingly important role in developing and spreading knowledge. If we compare knowledge as the electric power in the modern society, said Prof. Min, universities are engines giving impetus to its advancement. That is why the topic of this forum is “University as a Source of Innovation and Economic Development”.

Later, Prof. Wang Enge, President of PKU, delivered a speech. He pointed out the importance of Peking University to the Chinese society for PKU has provided leaders of different fields for the society. He said research universities should foster creative students, develop their abilities of innovative and critical thinking, and encourage them to see things from a philosophical point of view. PKU will also try to provide students with more opportunities for international communication.

President Wang giving the speech

Then Prof. John Etchemendy, Provost of Stanford University, expressed his appreciation for the support of PKU to SCPKU. He shared his agreement with Prof. Min that the topic fits the situation of global higher education. Governments should notice the close relation between higher education and economic development. The base of economic development is human resources. He hoped that universities could foster students with innovative spirit and leadership, and then they could contribute to the development of economy, society and knowledge innovation.

Prof. John Etchemendy giving the speech

During the next two days, nearly one hundred scholars from China, the USA, Russia, UNESCO and other countries and organizations will discuss on four topics including  “how university affects innovations and what affects innovations of university”, “internationalization of higher education”, “university ranking: evaluation of creative teaching and research production” and “curriculum arrangement for innovation”.

Written by: Xiao Yunyun
Edited by: Yan Shengnan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)