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Mountaineering Association of PKU summits Geladaindong Peak

Peking University, Aug. 5, 2014: On the historical moment of 7: 52 a.m., July 16, 2 members summited Geladaindong Peak in the vanguard of the whole Camel Mountaineering Team of Mountaineering Association of Peking University. After that, another 4 members made it on July 18, while the rest 11 came after them two days later. Until then, 17 members in total of Camel Mountaineering Team had reached the peak successfully this year.


Geladaindong Peak, meaning “the highest peak” in Tibetan, is the tallest mountain in the Tanggula Mountain Range of the Tibetan Plateau with an elevation of 6,621 meters above sea level. It is located at 33.5 degrees north latitude and 91 degrees east longitude. The base camp of this mountaineering is in the high-altitude area of 5200 meters with good natural vegetation and abundant precipitation. Advanced base camp No.1 and No.2 were built in the high-altitude area of 5670 and 6050 meters  respectively. When racing to the top, members got up at 2:30 from Camp 2and set off at 3:00.They journeyed beneath the moon and moved to the peak with determination and steadiness.


Camel Mountaineering Team left Beijing on June 27 and went to Geladaindong Peak via Hoh Xil. They were expected to come back to school on July 27. During the half-month journey, things were not always going well. In order to catch a satisfactory weather, the original plan was altered from time to time. Besides, the route upward after Camp 2 appeared much different from that in the historical documents, which brought big challenge to the skills, psychological quality, and adaptability of all the members, but they took it easy to overcome all the barriers as a result of long-time high-efficient preparation.


Camel Mountaineering Team of Mountaineering Association of PKU was founded on April 21, 2014, consisting 9 senior members and 10 recruits. Among the senior ones, 3 of them had climbed snow mountains more than twice, and 5 had similar experiences. Before climbing, Camel Mountaineering Team had run physical and skill training for over a month and held a Defense of Mountaineering.


Mountaineering Association of Peking University, established in 1989, is the first student association on mountaineering. Its first mountaineering record in Geladaindong Peak was set in 1994.


Written by: Cheng Zui

Edited by: Choisum Kwok

Source: http://pkunews.pku.edu.cn/xywh/2014-07/25/content_284334.htm