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Peking University Commencement 2014

Peking University, July 6, 2014: “If you could not accept the past and its burden there was no future, for without one there cannot be the other, and how if you could accept the past you might hope for the future, for only out of the past can you make for the future,” written American poet, novelist, and literary critic, Robert Penn Warren, in his 1946 novel All the King’s Men,“go out of the house and go into the convulsion of the world, out of history into history and the awful responsibility of Time.”–This is the most exciting time of the year, this is the setting out of a new generation, and this is the commencement day!



The 2014 Peking University commencement ceremonies for undergraduate and graduate students were held respectively on Tuesday and Wednesday (July 1 2) in Peking University Gymnasium.


PKU President Wang Enge, Chairman of PKU Council Zhu Shanlu, as well as other faculty members, staff, alumni representatives and other guests were present at the ceremonies.


A particularly made graduation video ushered in the undergraduate ceremony on Tuesday, reviewing the past four years in which the students spent on this campus.


Graduation is the very moment when students turn into alumni. It is a tradition of this university to have its previous schoolfellows on the commencement ceremony and this year is no exception. They are here to witness a fully new generation’s setting sail to their lives and dreams, and they are also the role models for the newly graduated to learn from in the coming challenges after graduation.


Zhu announced awards to the cum laude graduates of the year.


Hu Jingyi from the Department of Sociology of class’10, Professor Qian Chengdan and alumnus Zhang Yitang delivered remarks at undergraduate ceremony on July 1. Shu Jian from School of Life Science, Professor Ma Zhizhong and alumnus Wu Junqiao were invited to give speeches at graduate ceremony on July 2.


Student representatives presented bouquets to representatives of parents, faculty, staffs and high school principals from various regions to appreciate their efforts and contributions in the growth of the students.


After that, President Wang Enge addressed that we are in an age of changes, and there are full of opportunities in such an age. It is our responsibility to push the history forward and contribute to the development of the human society, for which, he had basically three expectations: first of all, it is essential for a PKU students to stick to a moral pursuit, to become a decent and upright person while influencing people around to be a better kind. Secondly, have a peaceful mind in oneself, and down to the ground. Thirdly, always be confident about oneself, no matter under what circumstances, and always have hope towards the future.


He encouraged students to keep the principles of PKU in mind, and become unique. To wrap up, he said, a person should always have a pursuit and a direction in life. If you can set up your goal when you are still young, you will save more time and be closer to your dreams; meanwhile, it is more likely to realize it.


In the presidential remarks on Wednesday, President Wang said dreams are more real than reality for PKU students. The university is a ladder for the young people to get over the fence in front of them and see further over the boundary. He also had three expectations for the postgraduate students: hold in awe and veneration towards academic studies and inherit the heart of respect; do the deed and inherit the persistency in one’s career; make contributions and inherit the spirit of PekingUniversity.


Time flies, another generation of PKU graduates are ready to start a fully new life. We wish them find happiness and meanings in the coming future, take responsibilities of humanity, and continue to discover the truths of the universe. “So little time we live in Time, and we learn all so painfully, that we may spare this hour’s term, to practice for Eternity.” (RobertPennWarren, “Bearded Oaks”, Eleven Poems on the Same Theme)




Written by: Choisum Kwok

Edited by: Zhang Jiang

Source: PKU News