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Sports Night: A Shining Night for PKU

Peking University, Apr. 24, 2015: At 6:00pm, Apr. 19, 2015, the third “Sports Night” of Peking University & the Shining Run activity were held in the First Stadium near the Weiming Lake.

In this stirring evening, the people who had done great contribution to the sports of PKU received recognition. After that, all the athletes and audiences joined the Shining Run, wearing the clothes with fluorescent and running around the Weiming Lake, which was the most amazing part of the night.

 The students were doing sports on the stage

Sitting on the lawn, enjoying the beautiful music, looking up to the night sky and dreaming your dream freely, can you imagine anything more dramatic than these? But not only that, the Sports Night was far more exciting.


The students were making their DIY T-shirts

At 5:00pm, one hour before the activity officially started, near one hundred students had queued up to obtain the fluorescent equipment, every set of which includes one T-shirt, a pair of fluorescent glasses and quite many light sticks. With the equipment, all the participants then immersed themselves in making their DIY designs of the T-shirts. Many students said that they had been looking forward to this event for a long time. “It is so exciting to just think about meeting favorite athletes and bands and running with all the people,” one student said. On the other side, the volunteers for the activities were completing the final preparations. “We had a dress rehearsal last night. Since it is an annual event, we will try our best to create the best atmosphere so that all people can enjoy themselves,” one of the volunteers told us.


The basketball team of Peking University received recognition.


Present Lin was shooting the basketball.

At 6:00pm, the activity started on time. The champions of all sports competitions in the last term received awards from 30 famous influential Olympic champions. The annual Sportsmanship Award of Peking University was given to students and teachers who possess a strong character of sportsmanship. The whole stadium was permeated with a great atmosphere. The song brought by popular singers, the “Glow in Dark” and the performs of CBA finals even pushed the enthusiasm of the audiences to a new high. But what lighted up the atmosphere was the appearance of Peking University’s new president-Lin Jianhua. President Lin was in sportswear, appears young and active. As an interactive activity, he teamed up with one audience and faced off two other audiences in the basketball shooting contest. The contest ended up with that President Lin beat the other team 10-9, which showed President Lin’s support and enthusiasm for sports.



President Lin was leading the students in the Shining run.

After the “Sports Night” awarding ceremony, hundreds of participant gathered near the northwest gate of the First Stadium to make preparations for the Shining Run. The whole track had been decorated with light sticks, which looked like a pearl necklace for the Weiming Lake. Following President Lin, all the runners were filled with the joy of doing sports. As a graduate student from the School of Foreign Languages expressed, sport was not all about competition. It was also about doing something together with others.

Doing sports is essential not only for a good health but also a complete personality. Seen as the main force of our country in the future, college students should devote more time and energy to exercise. The activity of “Sports Night” and Shining Run has functioned greatly as a reminder and promoter.


Reported by: Li Hao & Zheng Yuhe
Edited by: Choisum Kwok