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Global Innovation Forum 2015: Leading revolution through the resonance of thoughts

Peking University, April 23, 2015: Global Innovation Forum 2015, held by Peking University National School of Development, took place at Beijing Conference Center on Apr 17-19. It gathered some of the most influential thinkers in China and abroad for the sake of broadening horizons and cultivating the soil of reforms. Several distinguished scholars and entrepreneurs gave splendid speeches centered on ‘Innovations propel the future’. Professor Zhang Li hosted the opening ceremony of this forum and Professor Yao Yang offered his greetings to the participants.

Chen Zhangliang, Vice-president of the Chinese Science and Technology Association attended the forum and predicted that the next several years would witness rapid development in the following four areas: Information Technology, new materials, new energy and biological technology. Amazing breakthroughs may take place in some of those areas and they could even evolve into significant industries and become pillars of the Chinese economy. He said that his association will look into possible future growth points and potentially essential industries. After this work is completed, it will apply for funding and support from the central government.

Xu Guanhua, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, remarked that technological development in China faces enormous challenges and intense competition. Elaborating on it, he pointed out four urgent issues Chinese scientific research: the deficiency of world-class experts, the lack of leading innovative products, and most significantly, the absence of a market environment that supports innovation-motivated developments and the culture which encourages originality.

In the keynote speech, Chen Chunhua, Chairman of NewHope Liuhe Co. Ltd, commented that it would definitely be the customers’ dissatisfaction that washed out the enterprises rather than the evolution of technology and management.

Yu Minhong, Chairman of the New Oriental Education Group, remarked that regardless of the evolution of technology and business models, the essence of achieving success is a process of self-improvement. As long as you are outstanding enough, your enterprise will succeed.

When talking about entrepreneurship, Huang Nubo, Chairman of Zhongkun Group, remarked that a decent entrepreneur is supposed to shoulder social responsibility instead of purely earning profit. He said that what the society exactly needs is the innovations that help entrepreneurs achieve dreams and satisfy their desire to lead. In the meantime, he emphasized that nowadays it was prime time for entrepreneurs.

The entire forum lasted three days. Renowned entrepreneurs, economists, leaders of innovation, Peking University alumni and more than 1400 guests gathered at Beijing Conference Center in an effort to precisely observe innovative frontiers with a global perspective, and to lead the future with local innovations.

Reported by: Wu Jingxiu
Edited by: Xu Liangdi