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Campus original drama "Good morning, Mom" premiered

Peking University, Apr. 19, 2015: In the evening of April 14, the premiere of the campus original drama Good morning, Mom was held at PKU Hall followed by a seminar discussing its theme. The activity was hosted by PKU Institute of Film, Television and Theatre and marked the opening of the play’s national tour. Officers from the Council of National Art Foundation and Peking University attended the activity.

Stage photo

Good morning, Mom centers upon a complicated mother-son relationship. On a stormy day, a mother and accomplished scholar visited her undergraduate son in a drug rehabilitation center. However, the son and the mother both slid to the edge of a nervous breakdown after a night’s questioning to the other for their deeply-rooted alienation since the son’s childhood. Near the end, the mother and the son managed to find the genuine love and began to reconcile with each other.

As the champion of the 2014 Drama Star Competition of Peking University, Good morning, Mom got the Best Script and the Best Actor awards. It was later selected into several drama festivals in Beijing including Beijing Fringe Festival. In November 2014, Good morning, Mom won the subsidization of the Council of National Art Foundation as the only drama mainly created by college students. With the financial support, PKU Institute of Film, Television and Theatre revised and polished the drama concerning the script, stage and cast. The time of the revised performance expands from 50 minutes to around 90 minutes.

Group photo of main creators and experts

The seminar started after the premiere. Professor Shi Xusheng from Communication University of China remarked that the performance enabled the audience to feel the charm of drama on stage, and urged them to rethink on a certain plight in life.

Written by: Zhang Yuyao
Edited by: Yan Shengnan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)