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The Symposium on the construction of a new type of Sino-US relation held at Peking University

Peking University, Apr. 8, 2015: A symposium on constructing a new type of bilateral relationship between China and the US was held at Peking University on Mar 28th and 29th, with more than 30 scholars from distinguishing think tanks and universities in both China and the US attending. The symposium was jointly held by Sino-US Research and Exchange Institute on Humanities and National Bureau of Asian Research, and assisted by the Center for International and Strategic Studies.

At the opening ceremony, Jia Qingguo, the president of the School of International Studies (SIS), delivered a speech stressing the significance of this talk for building up a new type of relationship in the context of the challenging global environment at the moment.

Numerous important issues was mentioned during the one and a half day symposium, especially those concerning human and cultural exchange, marine, space, Internet, nuclear and military relationship, to name a few. Both sides were deeply concerned and candid about those topics, and they worked together to establish mutual trust and common understanding.

The former Assistant Secretary of State J. Stapleton Roy was also invited to give a dinner speech, and Deputy Representative of the Korean Peninsula Affairs gave a lunch speech on China’s diplomacy.
Towards the end of the symposium, Wang Dong and Abraham Denmark came up with some concrete suggestions for the process of the cooperation program. Jia Qingguo expressed his hope that the preliminary results of the program will become beneficial for the Chinese and American leaders when they meet in September.

This symposium has received great attention from both the political and the scientific fields in China and America, and it has made huge contributions in terms of propelling the construction of a new type of national bilateral relationship. The final version of the policy report and a dissertation anthology of this symposium will be published bilingually in January, 2016.

Reported By: Lai Huan

Edited By: Xu Liangdi