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The winners list of "Designing My PKU" Souvenirs Design Contest announced

Peking University, Apr. 4, 2015: The Peking University Souvenirs Design Contest "Designing My PKU" recently announced its winners list. The "PKU Dream" Toys designed by the team of Wei Jun, an undergraduate student from the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, and the PKU dolls designed by Han Yipeng, a first year graduate student from the School of Software & Microelectronics won the gold award.

The contest, kicking off in December, 2014, is jointly hosted by PKU Visual Identity Management Office and the Association of the Visual Identity Culture. It aims to extensively absorb great designs and ideas to further enrich the style and connotation of the souvenirs of PKU and promote the construction of the campus culture. Regarding “Designing My PKU” as its theme, the contest is open to all the students and teachers on campus, the alumni and alumnae from both home and abroad and people from all circles in the society.

The contest consists of two rounds, the preliminary assessment and re-evaluation. During the contest, 66 works from 48 participants were received in total and 39 of them passed the first round. The designers optimized their products according to the review comments of the judges before attending the second round. The judges comprehensively evaluated the works from various aspects including connotation, creativity, practicability and artistry. 2 gold award winners, 4 silver award winners, 6 bronze award winners and 27 honorable mention award winners were elected in the end.

"PKU Dream" Toys

PKU dolls

During the second round, the organizing committee displayed and publicized the works on the Wechat platform “PKU Xiaobiao”. The platform drew wide attention of the teachers and students. 3 Best Popularity Award winners were selected on the basis of the number of “like” they got.

Campus souvenirs function as representatives of the image of a university, the carrier of the campus culture and the emotional bond integrating the teachers and students. Peking University highly values the development of campus souvenirs and is actively learning from leading universities in the world to design novel products of great quality so as to facilitate the construction of the campus culture. After the contest, the PKU Visual Identity Management Office will develop the award-winning works according to the actual conditions. More details of the entries can be found on “PKU Xiaobiao”. For the complete winners list, visit PKU News (Chinese).

Written by: Li Hao
Edited by: Yan Shengnan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)