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China Cyber Security Week: "Offline Study" at PKU Library

Peking University, Dec. 19, 2014: November 24 to 30, 2014 witnessed the opening of the first China Cyber Security Week. Under the guidance of PKU Youth Studies and PKU library, the Association of Youth Network Development (PKUYND) launched “Offline Study”, highlighting the theme of “Jointly Promoting Internet Security and Sharing Online Civilization”. The activity attracted more than 300 participants and aroused heated discussions on Weibo, WeChat and BDWM. PKUTV also reported a feature story on the activity. 

During the activity, all participants were requested to hand in their mobile phones and study offline. The final ranking was based on the amount of study time accumulated. Reading rooms were open for “offline study”, a major part of the “Network Culture Festival for the Youth”, on every Sunday in November.
While bringing convenience, the Internet also jeopardizes our way of thinking. In particular, teenagers are increasingly dependent on smartphones and easily distracted by trivial information. On November 10, PKU appealed to the students for online civilization, putting forward the concept of “Integration, Restraint and Innovation” the first time nationwide. The idea of “offline study” comes from “Restraint” and aims to rationalize students’ abuse of Internet. .

In order to retain the educational effects of the activity, PKUYND has been officially commissioned to conduct research among students for further improvement. PKU will establish a fixed platform based on the feedback of the students, thus offering more choices and personalized services. 

Written by: Tang Jie
Edited by: Yan Shengnan
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