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How to apply

1. Apply to your home institution

Please check with your home institution to see if it has any faculty exchange program with PKU. If yes, you may apply to it for being sent as a visiting scholar to PKU if you satisfy the relevant requirements.


2. Get nominated by your home institution

After applying you need to be nominated by your institution as a visiting scholar to PKU. Usually a partner institution of PKU has its annual quota of visiting scholars to PKU. If you are nominated, please confirm with your home institution that you have a quota and check how many months you will spend here at PKU.
This is especially important if your home institution has only one quota for a given year or a given academic year. In this case, your home institution may endow the entire year as one single quota to one single person for that period; or may separate it into two or more quotas of several months.


3. Contact PKU staff

To confirm your visiting plan at PKU, please contact PKU staff in advance. If your visiting duration is 1–6 months, please contact us at least three months in advance; if it is more than 6 months, please contact us at least six months in advance.
Please send your English resumé and your research plan to your PKU contact person.


4. Find a host school/department (optional)

If you intend to collaborate with members of PKU faculty on your research, please find a host school or department for you. It will help you arrange your visiting plan and quickly adapt to your living and research here at PKU.
In contrast, if you intend to only use the PKU resources to do your research, you may skip this step and do research independently. However, this is not recommended.


5. Apply for your visa

Please fill in the attached visiting-request form and return it to Ms. Luo Ling, Division for Exchange Programs, OIR by email. We will issue you a document for your visa application.