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International Faculty Club



The International Faculty Club is hosted by the Office of International Relations, Peking University. As we all know, there are over 600 foreign teachers come to our University every year. You are working at different departments. You may not have much chance to get to know each other. So the first intention of our Club is to provide you an opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Here, you may find people from your country or even your region. You may also find scholars from different places who do research in the same field as you do. So we hope this salon would enrich your leisure time and at the same time, become a link for your communication. 


The Club will be held every two weeks, on Friday afternoon. For each Club, there are two sessions. In the first session, we will have a topic and would invite some experts to give brief presentations about a topic, and in the second session, you are encouraged to have free discussion. The topics will be things related to Peking University, China or subjects that most of you are interested in. Every topic will be emailed to you at least a week ahead of the Club. .I’m sure all the participants will not only learn some academic knowledge, but also get some knowledge of different cultures, technologies and customs.


Through this Club, we hope to create a channel for you to better understand this university and of China. Meanwhile, we will better understand your difficulties and needs, and this will greatly help us to remove the obstacles you meet at your work or in your life. Of course, the friends you will make at this salon will be a good help as well. We are trying our best to make Peking University a “cozy home” for all of you.


For more information, please visit: http://www.oir.pku.edu.cn:8082/html/faculty3.html