Master Program in Public Policy

NOV . 11 2008

Master Program in Public Policy



Part I About the Program


Program Background


The rapid economic development of China for the past 30 years has been a key issue in world development. How has China created such an impressive record of growth? How has China managed political, social and cultural development to keep up with the pace of economic development? What are the experiences and lessons for China’s development? This master program focuses on China’s public policy and management, which has been a key part of China’s development experience. By answering the above questions, the program hopes to help the students to learn both the successes and failures in China’s public policy making and management, and therefore to understand more about how to manage political, economic and social development in developing countries.


The program is organized by Peking University in general and its School of Government in particular. Peking University is the oldest national university in China, and also the most prestigious university in the fields of sciences, social sciences and humanities in China, which form a solid basis for teaching public policy and management. About five schools and centers within Peking University, such as School of Government and School of Law, contribute courses to this program, which makes it both comprehensive and high quality.


As the organizer of the program, School of Government is one of the most prestigious schools of its kind in China. It has more than 50 faculty members who respectively work in six departments of political science, public administration, public policy, public economics, urban and regional management, and political economy. The school also has various teaching and research centers and institutes, and with collaborative research organizations like Institute of Political Development and Governance (also the Key Research Base of the Ministry of Education). The school recruits students annually in 3 undergraduate majors, 7 master programs, 4 doctorate programs, MPA program, and a number of continuing education programs.


Program Objectives


This program is open to fresh university graduates as well as the experienced professionals and the government officials from different countries, and is designed to train those students in the field of public affairs, public administration, and public policy. The program aims to provide them with an opportunity to develop functional expertise, strategic perspectives, and public policy management tools that they require to operate effectively in a changing public policy environment or to understand such an environment. It will also help them to learn both the successes and failures in China’s public policy making and management, and therefore to understand more about how to manage political, economic and social development in developing countries.


Taught by expert faculty using a problem-based learning approach and real-world case studies, this program will help students learn to apply the techniques of policy analysis and program evaluation to resolve complex multi-dimensional policy challenges, as well as sharpen their leadership and communication skills.


Program Structure


Program duration

Students are expected to complete the program in two years. Academic year usually starts from the second week of September and ends at early July next year. The first year is for full time course-work, and the second year is for thesis writing and thesis defense.



The language of instruction is English. Classes will incorporate a mix of lectures, seminars, case discussions, tutorials, presentations and so on. Upon application, students could also choose some courses taught in Chinese.


Tuition Fee

The total tuition for the whole program is 80,000 RMB, payable by 1 installment in the beginning of the first semester.


Required Courses


General Courses (All following courses are required to take, total 18 credits)

¨        Public Policy Analysis

¨        Economics for Public Policy

¨        Chinese Politics and Public Policy

¨        China’s Economic Reform and Development

¨        Introduction to China

¨        Chinese Language


Issue Courses (total 12 credits are needed, at least four of the following courses or similar ones will be offered)

¨        Political Philosophy and Public Affairs

¨        International and Comparative Political Economy

¨        Special Topics in Ethnic Politics

¨        Chinese Legal System

¨        Social Policy Transformation in China

¨        Public Finance and Tax Policy in China

¨        Regional Development Strategy in China

¨        Chinese foreign policy


Master Thesis

Students are expected to bring specific research questions concerning public policy and management to the program, as a part of thesis research preparation. Towards the end of the first semester, a number of faculty members from the school will be invited as potential thesis supervisors, and the school will make arrangement for students to choose their supervisors. The thesis is expected to combine theoretical perspectives, analytical skills and practical experiences of public management, and aiming at solving practical problems. Students must pass oral exam for the thesis.


Degree Requirements

Students are required to successfully complete 30 credit-worth course work and a master thesis and thesis defense within the required time period. After meeting the above requirements and with the approval of University Degree Committee, the master degree of Public Administration in Public Policy will be awarded.



Part II Application and Admissions


Application Prerequisites

All applicants must meet the following entrance requirements,

1.       Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport or permanent residents of Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan, under the age of 45, have attained a Bachelor’s degree or above.

2.       Applicants who are not native English speakers or whose undergraduate education was not in English are required to take an appropriate English Language Proficiency Test and in general achieve a sufficient score, such as ,

l        TOEFL  627 or better (Paper Based Test)

l        TOEFL  263 or better in CBT ( with at least 5.0 in TWE).

l        TOEFL —iBT 107 or better

l        IELTS   7.0 or better ( with at least 7.0 in Writing)


How to Apply

Application Materials

1.       Application form.

Overseas applicants should submit Peking University Application Form for International Students (Master and Ph.D. Programs) with a photograph fixed; the applicants from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan should submit the Peking University Application Form for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Students (Master Programs) with a photograph fixed.

Application forms are available at;

2.       Graduation certificate and degree diploma (Students expecting to graduate should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date), must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English.

3.       Official transcripts of your academic achievement up to the present, including courses taken and standard achieved, must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English.

4.       A personal resume including the application proposal of 1500 words (in English). The format of the resume can be downloaded at

5.       Two recommendation letters. The referees can be professors or government officials from central or local government authorities. The recommendation letter must be original documents either in Chinese or English. The format of the reference letters can be downloaded at

6.       Copies of your English language proficiency test results.

7.       One photocopy of your valid passport (passport type must be ordinary); or the photocopy of valid ID card (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan applicants only) which refers to:

For Hong Kong, Macau applicants: Hong Kong/ Macau permanent identity card, or Hong Kong/ Macau identity card together with travel permit(card)for residents of Hong Kong/ Macau to Chinese mainland

For Taiwan applicants: Taiwan identity card or MTP "Mainland Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents"

8.       Two recent passport size photos


Note: English translations are required if the aforementioned materials are not in English or Chinese. The translations need to be official and notified. Applicants are required to submit two copies of all application materials mentioned above, one original and one duplicate, to School of Government, Peking University. Please also send the application materials under 1 and 4 to at the same time.


Application Deadlines

All of the application materials must be received by us before 20 April 2009. Applications submitted after 4 May 2009 may be considered, subject to the availability of places.


Mailing Address for Application Materials:

Applicants are required to mail the application materials to the following address:


Administrative Office for Graduate Studies

School of Government, Peking University

Beijing 100871, China


Application Fee

There is a non-refundable application fee of 400 RMB or 70 US dollars. Applicants are required to remit the money into the following account at the same time as mailing the application materials.


Remittance account: Peking University, 0200004509089131151, Haidian District Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank.

Please indicate “Application Fee for Master Program in Public Policy” at the remittance order.



The eligibility of all the applicants will be assessed according to the requirements by the School of Government. The Letter of Admission will be sent out around in late June 2009.


Contact Information

Address:                Administrative office for Graduate Studies

School of Government, Peking University

Beijing 100871, China


Telephone:            (86-10) 62755478/62751644

Fax:                      (86-10) 62751233